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Jeremy Clarkson Star Cars - Top 10 drives of the past year

Clarkson gives new XC90 ‘Star Car’ seal of approval with the XC90 making it onto Jeremy Clarkson’s top 10 drives of the past year.

‘When the second-generation XC90 was brought round to my gaff, I thought it’s not much of a looker any more. My God, it’s big. Really big.

But the bigness pays dividends on the inside, where you now get a boot and seating for seven adults. Not five adults and a lot of moaning from the teenagers in the very back.

And, ooh, it’s a nice place to sit. The dials, the textures, the air-cooled subwoofer and the design are wonderful. It’s so simple too. There are only eight buttons on the dash — not counting the starter button — because everything is controlled by what isn’t an iPad but sure as hell looks like one.

If you let the driving aids do their thing, it becomes quite relaxing, because the 2-litre engine is far quieter than in the old model, and the ride is pretty good. It’s so soothing, you could nod off. And you’d be fine, because it’d wake you up if anything was wrong.

This car is so good in fact that it’d be ideal for those who find the offerings from Land Rover a bit — how can I put this? — pratty.’

Clarkson’s rating ★★★★☆

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