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Volkswagen are investing heavily in the whole ‘electric vehicle’ market – their target is for three million electric cars on the road by 2025, and at the heart of their strategy is the new ID.3, which is almost a new sub-brand to Volkswagen; there will be a range of different ID. vehicles available over the next few years.

Given that they want to push the sales of the new ID. brand, the ID.3 isn’t too radical when it comes to style – it’s almost like a futuristic Golf (and around the same size), but without being over-the-top. It’s different enough that people won’t necessarily recognise it straight away, but close enough that you can see the familial resemblance.

ID. Engineering

It’s still very new, so Volkswagen are working through different options and configurations, that will be released at some point, but these essentially work out to three different configurations: a 48kWh with a 205 mile range, 58kWh with a range of 261 miles, and the 77kWh version with a range of 342 miles. Along with this, there will be two levels of power – 148hp, and 201hp, either being ample enough for everyday use.

As you might expect from Volkswagen, a great deal of engineering detail has been made with the ID., with small touches like aero-optimised wheel designs, panels to channel airflow more efficiently, and thousands of hours in a wind tunnel, optimising the drag coefficient, which is just 0.267 … slippery!

Practical Features

The ID.3 sits on Volkswagens brand-new platform that has been designed specifically for electrification, the MEB platform. This allows Volkswagen to place the electric running gear for optimal space configuration, which happens to mean the electrical motor sits right at the back wheels, almost as a nod to the original Beetle.

This allows for a greater increase in space and comfort inside the cabin, so despite being (roughly) the same size as a new Golf, it feels larger on the inside. In fact, the 385-litre boot space is 35-litres bigger than the new Golf, despite the electrical running gear sitting at the back.

Naturally, as you’d expect from a state of the art vehicle, it’s packed with technology – the driver profile selection, dynamic road sign display, lane assist, natural voice control, 10-inch touchscreen with navigation, and rear view camera being just a few of the highlights, but there will also be a whole host of options available as the range increases.

As Autocar said: “Affordable electric cars don’t get much better to drive than the ID.3”

Don’t Take Our Word

Of course, we’re here to tell you how good the new ID.3 is, and to answer any questions you may have, but how about some real-world feedback from one of our ID.3 customers?

“I’m lucky if I get to drive it”, “my wife couldn’t stop grinning”, and “I managed to sneak a drive on Sunday”.

Richard Nice owns RSS Energy LTD, a company that provides a huge variety of renewable energy solutions to your business or home, including solar pv panels, air and ground source heat pumps and many other energy saving systems. We think it's safe to say Richard has all the expertise about renewable energy and efficiency.

See RSS Energy LTD:

Getting on to the practicalities, Richard said that he has an office 230 miles away, and the ID.3 can accommodate that journey easily enough, without the need to stop and recharge, although he wasn’t worried about the charging aspect of the ID.3 because with over 30,000 charging points listed, he’s never far away from one, and a 30 minute charge is good enough for a further 180 miles.

Richard also mentioned the driving characteristics – exhilarating, smooth, and comfortable in Eco mode, and tight, agile, and responsive in Sport. He goes so far as to say that he feels it’s better to drive than a traditional car, with better responsiveness, and performance.

Yes, there’s been one or two issues as he familiarises himself with the systems fitted, but he feels confident in saying that they’ll soon master them, especially with the help from us.

Mr Nice also explained that as he is frequently a passenger in his new ID.3, he "noticed the looks it has received and it is quite amazing, I think people are a) trying to work out what it is and b) looking at its very stunning livery and futuristic look……a real head turner!"

New Tech, New Car, New Driving Experience

Yes, for some of us, the thought of learning a new way of driving and refuelling can be a little daunting, but the ID.3 is intuitive, and makes it as easy as possible for people to get to grips with. Volkswagen have made the best-selling car in history, and it can only do that by listening and understanding what their customers want, or need, the ID.3 is no different.

If you’d like to experience the ‘can’t stop grinning’ factor for yourself, or having to sneak the keys away from your partner just so you can have a play, get in touch with our team and they’ll show you just how good the new ID.3 can be.

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