Volkswagen Commercial Rental Offers

Offers on Volkswagen Commercial Vans and Vehicles in Devon and Cornwall

When it comes to renting a van we know it's not always as simple as it may sound.

That's why we at Carrs Van Centre (Exeter) are continuously developing and expanding our Van Rental programme to help make life easier for you. In addition to our versatile range of panel vans, Carrs Van Rental also offers a full range of passenger carrying vehicles.

For those of you that need to carry passengers as well as equipment we have Transporter shuttles that seat up to 9 people including the driver, plus there's also the Volkswagen Caravelle for those looking for that extra bit of luxury for driver and passengers. For those wanting to explore the great outdoors whilst keeping luxury just a stone's throw away, why not try our Volkswagen California, giving you a taste of the Volkswagen Camper Van experience, with the luxuries of the Volkswagen brand.

Also, it's not just a van you get when you choose Volkswagen Van Rental from Carrs Van Centre (Exeter), we can pretty much guarantee no matter what your load may be, and you want to get it from A to B safely and securely. With this in mind we offer you all the comfort, safety and peace of mind that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has spent years building. We are members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and therefore adhere to strict industry guidelines, giving you the additional security and knowledge that you are renting from a reputable trade body.

So if you want an award winning vehicle from a brand you can depend on call our Van Rental team on 0844 8471449 (local rates apply).