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What ŠKODA Should I Buy?

17th August 2019

Let’s just get this out there: there was a time that the ŠKODA brand was looked upon unfavourably by motorists, perhaps partly down to ignorance, perhaps a degree of truth; they were a communist state-owned car maker, churning out cars for the masses, with little regard for the western market.

Volkswagen took an initial share of just 30% in the brand in the early 1990s, then a further two share options in 1994 (60.3%) and 1995, which led to Volkswagen owning 70% of the Czech brand. From 2017 onwards, ŠKODA’s profit margin was the second highest of all VW Group brands after Porsche.

Owning a ŠKODA today is all about Volkswagen standards, engineering know-how and group collaboration, just without the extra costs involved for paying for the marketing, the branding and the badging. 

Common Sense Buy

With that said, this is more than just a ‘common sense’ practical buy, the little Citigo has a fresh & fun look to it, the Octavia is a rival for anything German (in both looks and engineering) and the Kodiaq is a genuinely premium SUV with enough space for everyone.

But don’t take our word, here’s a few awards:

What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2019, Best estate car for less than £20,000: ŠKODA Fabia
2019 Auto Express New Car Awards, Compact family Car of the Year: ŠKODA Scala
What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2019, Family car of the year: ŠKODA Octavia
What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2019, Best family SUV for between £18,000-£30,000: ŠKODA Karoq
AutoTrader New Car Awards 2019, Best seven seater: ŠKODA Kodiaq​

ŠKODA Ownership

The days of owning a ŠKODA for practical reasons are over. Or perhaps the better way of saying that, is that ŠKODA ownership is no longer purely about making a common sense, practical purchase; you buy a ŠKODA because they’re a genuinely great car, it just so happens to be a sensible decision also.

There is no getting away from the fact that prices reflect a little ‘badge snobbery’, more popular German brands offering a similar product command higher prices, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting any less of a vehicle, quite the opposite in fact.

And that’s something that ŠKODA have picked up on in their latest marketing campaign #IGOTTABEME | Driven By Something Different.

Choosing a ŠKODA is about embracing your individuality, not conforming for the sake of it. ​

New Models from ŠKODA

Similar to most manufacturers, ŠKODA have introduced a range of cars that should cater for all lifestyles, that work for you regardless of where you are in life; youngster having fun around town, city commuter, families small and large, professional management … wherever you are on life’s journey, ŠKODA will transport you. 


Effortlessly urban, the ŠKODA CITIGO is big on agility, practicality and functionality providing a blissfully smooth drive in and out of town.


Putting small cars on top, the expressively stylish ŠKODA FABIA comes with a bold design, clever connectivity and a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.


Sporty, generously spacious and versatile hatch, the new ŠKODA SCALA is a real achievement. It’s good to drive, more practical than most of its rivals and the SCALA is among the best of its breed on value for money.


Sharp, smart and striking, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA provides the compelling drive you expect with intelligent enhancements that surprise at every turn.


With a fresh new look and the latest technology, the new ŠKODA SUPERB continues to over deliver on style and comfort.


Spacious, clever, stylish and comfortable, the ŠKODA KAMIQ combines quality, practicality and next generation technology to create an exceptional driving experience.


Compact, stylish 5-seat SUV that’s designed around what matters to you, whether you need to pop to the gym or head off on a cross-country adventure, the ŠKODA KAROQ fit’s the bill.


The ŠKODA KODIAQ is the award-winning 7-seat SUV, designed with your free time in mind, so you can reconnect with the things that are important: family, nature and yourself.

Interested In The ŠKODA Range?

Why not ‘be you’ and contact one of our friendly professionals to discuss just how ŠKODA ownership has changed, and understand why they’re a brand for the individuals, rather than the conformists.