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ŠKODA Scores Top Marks for Environmental Protection

16th July 2019

As motorists, we get used to being told that the motor car is one of the main sources for air pollution, environmental damage, health problems … the list goes on. The Government constantly try to lessen the impact of motoring through the use of taxes, both directly and indirectly, but rarely do we see car manufacturers rolling their sleeves up and ‘mucking’ in.

ŠKODA AUTO is changing all that though, and their GreenFuture strategy brings together ‘Green Factory’, ‘Green Product’ and ‘Green Retail’ all under the same roof, in a bid to make a difference with their manufacturing and products.

An example of the strategy is to plant a single tree for every one of their cars sold in the Czech Republic – currently they’ve planted over 820,000 new saplings, in an area equivalent to approximately 260 football pitches.

Award Winning

So good in fact is ŠKODA’s plan and commitment to the environment, that they’ve won a number of prestigious awards for the campaign, including the Top Responsible Large Company in 2018; being recognised for its sustainability-related commitment and strategically responsible conduct.

They’ve also been recognised for the work in reducing the overall company CO2 emissions, lowering their energy and water consumption, all the while pressing on with a rigorous plan to recycle as much as they can. Responsible manufacturing at its best. 


Of course, some cars and brands make us feel like we’re doing the right thing when we buy an EV or Hybrid, but the reality is that these cars are typically more costly to manufacture, both for the wallet and in terms of the environment, and just because they’re not producing exhaust emissions when in use, it doesn’t mean they’re emission-free. And then we have the recycling to consider.

If green motoring really is your thing, then the range of ŠKODA vehicles has to be considered – they’re doing more than most manufacturers to lessen their environmental impact, all whilst making some great cars. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle SUV, family car or supermini, the brand has everything covered, and despite not shouting their green credentials from the rooftops, you’d have to say that the products really are about as environmentally friendly as you can find.

Gone are the days that ŠKODA were seen as a lesser brand, today’s models offer everything that you’d expect to find in a more … Germanic … brand, but with a little more soul, more personality and less damage to Mother Earth.

Want to know more? Our professionals are always on hand to answer questions. They may not be able to tell you the exact amount that ŠKODA save each year through recycling, or just how little energy the factory uses, but they’ll sure be able to tell you about the great deals available. Get in touch to have a chat.