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ŠKODA Motability


The Motability scheme has been making a positive impact on the lives of those with mobility issues since it launched in 1978. ŠKODA are delighted to be working alongside Motability to make our range available through this initiative. Find out more by speaking with our ŠKODA Motability specialists at one of Helston Garages dealerships located in Bridgwater, Exeter, Helston and Indian Queens Your road to worry-free motoring starts here

Motability with ŠKODA.

Here at ŠKODA, we have a range of vehicles available on the hassle-free Motability scheme. You can choose to exchange part or all of your allowance for a brand new ŠKODA and add up to 2 named drivers. Your ŠKODA can be fitted with any adaptations according to your needs, including features to help you drive, access or store mobility aids. Your ŠKODA will typically be on a 3 year agreement, which includes the cost of the car as well as everything you will need, all in one easy monthly payment. We have experienced Motability specialists who have been through vital Motability training to provide you with all the details you need throughout the process. From your very first enquiry, to driving your brand new ŠKODA away, not forgetting all of the test drives and questions in between, they will be at the ready to supply our high-standard customer care. View our offers here.

White Skoda Range Shot

Included in the Motability package:

  • A new ŠKODA every 3 years
  • Insurance from RSA Motability (RSAM)
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Annual car tax
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs
  • Adaptations if required - many at no extra cost
  • Replacement tyres
  • Windscreen replacement

Meet Our Motability Specialists

Andrew Bunt, Indian Queens

I've been a part of the team here at Indian Queens for 5 years now and over that period I've been a Motability Specialist. What I enjoy most about the role is knowing that I have been able to help to make their life that little bit easier when it comes to finding their perfect Škoda model. 

Considering visiting us? Our dealership is perfectly suited as we are very close to the A30 making it easy to visit us. We also have a large car park and everything is on the flat with no steps. If you haven't been on the Motability Scheme before I would recommend it because of the number of benefits it offers;​ A brand new car every 3 years with manufacturer’s warranty, servicing, tyres, insurance cover and breakdown cover all covered by Motability.

Favourite model on the scheme? Before Škoda ceased production, my favourite model was the YETI. Perfect size car for the Cornish roads with great visibility and with a choice of 2&4 wheel drive it really was/still is a little Swiss army knife. If you were also a fan I would thoroughly recommend the Kamiq. It's clever and compact with a great driving position and has received really positive feedback from our customers both Motability and retail. See our current offers here

Andrew Bunt
Nathan Tomlinson

Nathan Tomlinson, Indian Queens

I've been apart of the team here at Indian Queens for 2 years now and over that period I've been a Motability Specialist. I enjoy being able to make our customers feel welcome and comfortable. Not everyone likes stepping foot into car dealerships so if I can do something out of the norm to be able to make the customer feel comfortable and settled in what can be seen as a hectic environment, I will. My aim is to make our meeting as enjoyable and helpful as possible.

If you are planning to drop in our dealership, we have 2 large access doors each side of our showroom with large openings and plenty of room for Motability aids such as scooters/wheelchairs in and around our showroom so we can accommodate customers on their individual needs. New to the Motability Scheme? Take peace of mind knowing that everything is covered under one roof. A brand new car every 3 years meaning your always up to date with the latest technology and safety features.

Favourite model on the scheme? The Škoda CITIGO is a fantastic model available on the scheme. For such a small compact car it still surprises customers with the interior space and luggage capacity, as our customers know living in Cornwall, our car parking spaces aren’t the largest but with the CITIGO it can easily fit into the smallest of space whilst still retaining the feel of a car twice the size. To go even further would be a Monte Carlo with Black stripes and colour matching wheels just to finish it off. On a personal level the Škoda Superb is my favourite model. It's able to fit 5 adults in with ease, and just having a fresh face lift and interior update its a car that’s bursting with the latest technology. Not to mention we have now received our Plug in hybrid model that’s available on the Motability scheme. See our current offers here.

Want to find out more about the scheme?

Visit our group site below to see how the scheme works, if you're eligible and the FAQ's.

The Motability Scheme

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