27th MARCH 2019

Peugeot UK revealed that self-confessed car enthusiast Neal Street placed the order at the dealership on Lauder Lane, Barnstaple, without even seeing the all-new PEUGEOT e-208 in the metal. Street, who aid a deposit before the pricing of the new EV model had even been announced, said:

“I have total confidence in the Peugeot brand"
“The information I gathered online gave me all the information I needed to place a deposit"
“From past experience I expect the price of the all-new e-208 to be competitive and I really like its distinctive design, especially inside.”

Its unveiling in Switzerland marked the first stage of the Peugeot’s commitment to offer an electrified version of its entire range by 2023. Peugeot’s all-new 208 will also be offered with a choice of battery electric, petrol and diesel powertrains.

Addressing the Peugeot’s annual dealer conference at the NEC in Birmingham in January, Peel told retailers to prepare for a future with EVs in their showrooms. Now there will be further investment with the installation of EV charge points at dealership sites across the UK franchise.

The introduction of the e-208 to UK showrooms later this year will be accompanied by the launch new services to coincide with its arrival.

The new services include:

Easy-Charge: A range of at-home or office charging solutions with a choice of equipment, a diagnostic service to assess the electric installation and plan for a better charging solution and final installation. It also includes a public charge offering via Free2Move Services, including a charge pass giving access to public charging points across Europe.

Easy-Mobility: A trip planner and organisational tool for long journeys via Free2Move Services; a Mobility Pass for a rental internal combustion engine when needed; E-coaching tool in the MyPeugeot app which offers advice to drivers on how to optimise their driving.

“I was excited to hear the news of the first Peugeot e-208 order being placed so soon after its unveiling"
“The 2019 Geneva Motor Show was always going to be an important event for us as we launch the first in a new generation of electrified Peugeot models and we are all thrilled that the all-new e-208 has had such an immediate impact."
“The extension of powertrain choices from our award winning and efficient new diesel and petrol engines to the next generation of electrified models this year, will give customers options they have never had before, providing a car for every customer’s needs,” 

Peugeot UK managing director, David Peel

Online order books for the new 208 officially open next month, with the full range open for orders late Summer 2019, Peugeot said.