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Peugeot: Eclectic Electric


If you’re a fan of F1, you may know that the words ‘Peugeot’ and ‘Formula 1’ don’t really have a close association, unless ‘uncompetitive’ (and that’s being kind) is also in the mix. However, look a little farther back in time, and you’ll see that their motorsport pedigree is right there: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, 405 Turbo 16, and the 905 – back to back championships in the World Rally Championship, and utter dominance at the Le Mans 24-Hours.

The link to Formula 1? The racing success was overseen by a certain Jean Todt, responsible for one of the most successful F1 team/driver combinations, and now President of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).

While F1 success may have eluded Peugeot, their engineers were constantly at the forefront of developing new technologies, and pushing the boundaries with road car technology, and that’s still the same today, as witnessed by their push for electrification.


It seems that within the last few years, Peugeot have really found their French flare again; the styling department has been working overtime (erasing all traces of the run-of-the-mill 307 and its siblings), and the engineering department working hard to get back to its roots of fine-handling, fun to drive cars that match the styling. It’s a winning combination.

They’ve drawn on their vast experience of winning championships, and races, in numerous different series’ to deliver a product that combines the latest technology, an almost perfect ride, with a style that can only be described as Gallic.

Peugeot have gone electric, and you’d have to say they’ve done it right, from the off.

Peugeot e208 & e2008

Currently, there are two fully electric models in the Peugeot range, the e208, and the e2008, but you can almost guarantee that their stunningly cool 508 saloon won’t be far behind, in fact, Peugeot have said that their goal is to have a full electric version of all of their models by 2023.

That goal is possible thanks to the use of a brand-new platform, designed specifically for their electric vehicles, the e-CMP platform. It’s modular, meaning that it can be made to fit any body style and shape, and has been developed to incorporate a high-voltage battery with large capacity (50kWh) while still keeping space onboard, and large boot volume.

And speaking of the battery, Peugeot have gone to great lengths to reassure owners that battery life isn’t going to be an issue, by adding an eight year / 100,000 mile warranty (for a 70% charge capacity).

Is it any wonder that the e208 has already been named the 2020 European Car of the Year?

Of course, the e2008 essentially shares the same electrification, so it’s a simple choice – SUV or city car; you’re still getting the same level of award-winning componentry for the main part.

Technical Specifications

A range of up to 217 miles is possible from the 100kW (approx. 136hp) electric motor, and with a 100kW charging station (such as you’d find at service stations), you can have an 80% charge in around 30 minutes … range anxiety is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Just to add that further reassurance, Peugeot have given the e208 and e2008 three different driving modes – Sport, Normal, and Eco, which tailor the driving experience exactly as you’d expect: Sport – priority is given to performance and driving sensations. Normal – optimum comfort for everyday use. Eco – designed purely for range optimisation.

And the technology doesn’t stop there.

Of course you’d expect both models to have the latest in driver aids and safety features, such as Bluetooth, Smartphone docking, DAB radio, Programmable cruise control, and Parking sensors, but there’s also the i-Cockpit system, and the MyPeugeot app, that allows you to view the battery charging information, manage the vehicles maintenance and servicing requirements, and keep an eye on the vehicle’s status.

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