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Motability Offers at Truscotts Peugeot

Many models from Nil Advance Payment

Peugeot has a strong reputation for building models with exceptional quality and reliability. We're proud to represent the manufacturer at our dealerships in Devon and Cornwall, and to offer Peugeot cars through the Motability Scheme to give regional motorists more support. See the model list below and contact your nearest Truscotts dealership for more information or to book a test drive

Benefits of using Truscotts Peugeot for your Motability Scheme...

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Disabled parking at all sites
  • Disabled facilities in all showrooms
  • Full range of Peugeot Vehicles and offers

Are you eligible for Motability?

If you’re claiming one of the following benefits and have 12 months of remaining payments, you may be eligible to select a Motability car:

  • the Higher Rate for Mobility of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • the Enhanced Rate of Mobility for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • the Armed Forces’ Independence Payment
  • the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

The full road tax (VED) and insurance for the vehicle will already be provided when it arrives. Motability Scheme customers further benefit from cover for the majority of servicing, maintenance and repair issues, as well as for breakdown assistance at the roadside.

Come to Helston Garages to find out more about Peugeot cars and arrange a test drive at a convenient date and time. You’ll also be able to discuss your needs with a Motability specialist and explore the adaptations offered with each vehicle.

Customers making a Motability Scheme application should bring all of the following documents with them:

  • your driving licence, if applicable;
  • licences for other nominated drivers, and their written consent;
  • VED (road tax) exemption certificate (where applicable);
  • proof of your entitlement to your eligible benefits; and
  • records of any previous motoring accidents and convictions for all named drivers.

The standard term length on the Motability Scheme is three years – and the cost of the car, drawn from your eligible benefits, remains fixed for that period. When the agreement ends, you could have the option to pick out and enjoy another new Peugeot.


From £0 Advanced Payment​

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​From £0 Advanced Payment

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​From £0 Advanced Payment

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2008 SUV

From £0 Advanced Payment

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308 SW

From £99 Advanced Payment

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3008 SUV

​From £799 Advanced Payment​

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5008 SUV

From £1299 Advanced Payment

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Partner Tepee

​From £0 Advanced Payment

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Available Soon!


From £3,499 Advanced Payment

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For all the information you need on both Peugeot and the Motability Scheme, please get in touch with any of our Truscotts Peugeot dealerships, details below...


01271 326622


Motability Specialist: Lee Faulkner
Motability Specialist: Jack McVeigh
01392 826666​


Motability Specialist: Sam Hall
01326 573001​


01404 44291


Motability Specialist: Peter Shell
01566 772277