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Service Plans - for cars over 1 year, or had its first service

Cars over 1 year

If you have or are buying a Volkswagen that is Over 1 year old and had its first service, we have a Volkswagen Service Plan for you. If you have Volkswagen that is under a year old or not had a service take a look at our alternative service plans.



Service Plan Payments

With a Volkswagen Service Plan you can budget for your servicing in an affordable way that provides peace of mind and avoids any unwelcome service bills when you might not be expecting them.
This Volkswagen Service Plan provides you the next two manufactured scheduled services that your car will need (1 x minor service and 1 x major service) for a fixed price. What’s more we arrange the payment plan to fit around you so there is a one-off upfront payment or monthly payment option (paid across 18 monthly instalments).
Choose right plan for you online, or contact your local Volkswagen authorised repairer.
What do I get?   All Models        Touareg    
Number of payments  18 18
Monthly payment £27.58 £33.10
Total value of plan £496.45 £595.74

What are the benefits?

  • Helps you manage and spread the cost of your Volkswagen's servicing
  • Fixed at today's rates to protect you against any future increase in servicing costs plus our service plan is not a credit agreement so you will not have to pay any interest.
  • We always use genuine Volkswagen parts to keep your vehicle 100% Volkswagen
  • All our parts and labour come with two years warranty and fitted by Volkswagen trained technicians
  • You can visit any one of over 200 retailers in our network
  • The service book will carry the Volkswagen stamp of quality and reliability, making it easier to sell and giving it the highest possible resale/trade-in value when you decide to replace it.

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