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Volkswagen Touareg R Hybrid | Power to Deliver

Volkswagen Touareg R Hybrid | Power to Deliver

15 April 2021

Volkswagen introduced the Touareg to a waiting audience all the way back in 2002. Since then, it has been an ever-popular model, and that’s the reason behind Volkswagen’s continual update and refresh of the model.

We’re now on the third generation, although given that we’re talking about VWs, perhaps we should call it the MKIII in deference to the legend that is the Golf. 3rd generation, MKIII, it’s all the same … Volkswagen’s flagship model, and it get’s better with age.

Touareg R Hybrid

There’s a whole stack of information relating to the ‘R’, but let’s start off with the headline: it’s the most powerful Touareg, and the most powerful Volkswagen available.

340kW of power, that’s the equivalent of 462PS, or around 460 horsepower for those of you working in old school figures. Add in the world turning 500+ ft/lb of  torque (around 680Nm) and you soon see that Volkswagen are determined to play the power game.

All that power doesn’t come at the price of economy though – Volkswagen say that using the technology to recuperate some energy, and to utilise the predictive hybrid strategy, you’ll get a combined real world (WLTP) range of up to 810km from a tank. That’s just over 500 miles, from a full-size sporty SUV. Incredible.

Touareg Technology

The Touareg R can be driven on electric-only power for a range of around 30 miles, in this state, there’s still 134hp available, but the magic happens when used as a hybrid.

The hybrid system uses energy recovered from braking, so in theory, it’s always receiving a small charge, but the system also uses a state of the art predictive strategy to further enhance the range when being driven as a hybrid.

It does this through a number of ways – completely turning off the V6 engine when braking, or coasting downhill, and using GPS data with a mixture of map data (including topography) to understand the required inputs and likely needs of the driver, although it does need route guidance to be active with the navigation system.

Assisted Driving

Volkswagen boast that the Touareg R is one of the most modern and sophisticated SUVs currently available, and as such, it is positively crammed with technology to make driving just that little bit easier.

Take the Travel Assist system for example: this is the first Volkswagen available that’s capable of assisted driving up to speeds of 250km/h (or 156mph in proper figures). The Park Assist will allow you to autonomously park the Touareg R in to a parking space via remote control, through a smartphone app, and of course, there’s the Trailer Assist system which makes reversing a trailer child’s play.

Quite honestly, as you may expect for Volkswagen’s flagship, it has technology and then some. With that said, you don’t need a degree in computer science to make it work for you, nor a teenager come to that; it’s as intrusive as you want it to be, or not.

More Information?

We can only tell you so much, the best thing you could do is come and see for yourself just what makes the Touareg so very good. If you get in touch with one of our friendly team, they can make that happen for you.


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