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Volkswagen Caddy | The Trades Trade

Volkswagen Caddy | The Trades Trade

15 April 2021

As a plumber, you’ll understand the need to invest in training, equipment, and tools to ensure that you’re giving your customers the very best experience you can; fitting a 15mm Conex compression-fitting may require less skill and equipment, but we all know that an end-feed fitting will more often be the better choice.

It’s just that an end-feed fitting needs a fair degree of skill, knowledge, and equipment; an investment. The same could be said for your vehicle of choice.

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo

A commercial vehicle could be looked upon as another tool for your business, perhaps more so – it’s responsible for the security of your equipment, your safety and comfort, the ability to transport everything you need for any given job, at any time, 365-days a year, and last but not least, representing your business.

It could be argued that the only thing more important than your vehicle, is you.

Of course, you’re reading all about the VWCV Caddy from a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle dealer, so you’d expect us to tell you just how great it is, and that it’s super important to the success of the business, but don’t just take our word for it.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have gone to great lengths to understand how customers use their products, and what features they could offer to make the experience better. In today’s digital world it’s called ‘UX’ – User Experience, but it incorporates design, ergonomics, practicality, and good old fashioned customer satisfaction.

What Car? Van Award Winner 2021

So what makes the Caddy Cargo a good choice for a plumber?

It can carry up to 700Kg in weight, with 100Kg of that on the roof – that’s around 12 bundles (120 lengths) of 15mm copper pipe, there’s enough space inside for all of your equipment, and a combi boiler, perhaps even a few radiators.

The rear doors are solid, which means no weak points, there’s an option for powered latching, and the strengthened floor covering will live with all manner of heavy use. Add in six lashing rings, an option for full LED lighting in the load space, and separate load compartment locking (meaning that you can leave the cab locked while you load up) and it all begins to make sense.

Volkswagen will even add a full 230v power outlet should you wish.

Keeping with practicality – there’s the 4MOTION system also, which means that even on the most difficult of building sites, where mud is always prevalent, you can be sure that you, your van, and your expertise will arrive on time (or more importantly, can leave at the end of the day!).

Caddy Technology

“Best Technology Advance” was the award that the What Car? panel awarded, going on to say that the Caddy was “one of the smartest vehicles on the road”, and being a Volkswagen, would you expect anything less?

This gets back to not taking our word for it … about the Caddy being the ideal choice for you. Volkswagen have transformed the commercial vehicle market – no longer are they noisy, windy, or basic, they’re as close to a regular car as you’ll find, with all modern comforts and technologies, built-in to a cabin that you can spend hours in, without feeling like you’re having to make a compromise.

A modern commercial vehicle can be good, a modern Volkswagen Commercial vehicle can be great. Why not come and take a look for yourself, sample the comforts and technology, and make an investment in your business.

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