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The Very New Volkswagen ID.4

The Very New Volkswagen ID.4

11 February 2021

When car manufacturers say ‘all-new model’, you tend to think that it’s an older model, that has been dressed in different clothing, or at least, related to similar. Take the Volkswagen ID.3 – it’s a brand-new model, but closely related to its cousin, the Golf. Volkswagen even took the decision to make it look less radical than they could have, just to retain that link.

But the engineers at Volkswagen do like to show off their engineering prowess, so then they create something like the ID. Race, or the ID.4 – Volkswagen’s all-electric stablemate to the brand’s best-selling Tiguan.

ID.4 Electric SUV

The ID.4 really has only one goal – to take the fight directly to Tesla, and win.

However, that doesn’t mean that VW have created an esoteric monster, offering a million-mile range, with performance that would shame a supercar; the ID.4 is all about solid electrification principles, backed up with Volkswagen reliability, and an eye toward offering great value.

Rarely do we see car manufacturers offering us anything with a deliberately lowered top speed, even the smallest of shoppers can usually top the 100mph barrier, but ask yourself, why?

Why do we need a car that can offer that kind of top speed? We don’t. Further still, that level of performance just doesn’t sit within the ethos of an electric vehicle, not unless you’re trying to break records with electric powered vehicles, which incidentally, Volkswagen have also done.

Surely it’s better to concentrate on making the car work in the real world, giving it the performance where it’s actually useful, where an owner (or driver) might actually benefit? That’s exactly what Volkswagen have done.

Sure, it won’t reach three figure speeds (by design), but it will give you a 324 mile range. What would you rather have?

The Volkswagen Difference

There are more variants coming through the pipeline, but for now, the ‘First Edition’ model is the … first edition available.

Volkswagen have made this as fuss-free as possible – it has been designed to show just how easy electrification can be to use and live with, on a daily basis.

A single electric motor (201hp) drives the rear-wheels, the power comes from a 77kWh battery setup, and that has been designed to charge at up to 125kW, which means there’s a theoretical near 200-mile charge in just 30 minutes. There will be other motor and battery options available later in the year.

ID.4 First Edition

The First Edition is a celebration of Volkswagen’s commitment to electrification, so there’s no skimping on standard equipment, and there’s some great extras too.

Some of the highlights for standard equipment include: 20-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, rear privacy glass, reversing camera, heated steering wheel, 30-colour ambient lighting system, 10-inch infotainment screen, and heated front seats.

Despite having a wealth of standard equipment, the interior has been designed to be fuss-free, with the focus being on driving experience, and highlighting the differences between conventional fossil-fuelled cars, and the next generation. Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences is the interior space – the lack of traditional transmissions means that legroom is more than generous, and that also applies with boot space – 543 litres with the seats in position.

As for physical size of the ID.4, it sits between the Tiguan, and the larger Tiguan Allspace, making it the perfect family car; the combination of exterior size, and interior space means that it will cope with even the largest of family outings.

The ID.4 really is the next generation of motoring; simple controls, long range, stylish looks and enough technology to keep everyone happy.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with one of our friendly team, they’ll be happy to tell you more and arrange a visit.


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