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13 January 2021

John Newton Cooper, co-founder with his father Charles, of the Cooper Car Company, perhaps one of the finest car engineers that the UK has produced, and we’ve produced some pretty good ones.

Of course, his greatest innovation happened some time ago, so the name may not be that familiar, unless you know your motoring history, but the ‘TL;DR’ version of it all is the rear-engined race car that went on to shape all manner of racing formulae, including F1.

Oh … he happened to be pretty well-known for his Mini tuning business also.
Fun Fact: After taking the top three steps of the podium at the Monte Carlo Rally with their Minis, a clean sweep against much more powerful machinery, all Minis were disqualified for a technical infringement – the headlight bulbs were deemed to be against the regulations. Sore losers?


John Cooper Works was founded in 2002 by Michael Cooper, John’s son, and in 2007, BMW bought the rights to the name, but retained the Coopers as consultants to their performance arm, which now dealt with the BMW MINI.

The latest JCW MINIs are something quite special, and they include the 3-door hatch, convertible, Clubman, and Countryman – one for every taste, or every need.

The fact that you can have up to 306 horsepower just adds to the fun, and then there’s the style … nothing else looks like a MINI.


The BMW MINI already has bold styling, and aside from the “it’s bigger than the original Mini” naysayers, you can clearly see the heritage that has inspired the design, this genuinely is the MINI for modern times, with modern technology, and driving characteristics.

Still, despite how good the ‘normal’ MINI is, the team at John Cooper Works still found room for improvement, IF you’re looking for something a little sportier.

Slight styling tweaks with aero aids, updated suspension, more power, and then there’s the interior; sports seats that hold you firm, racing-style steering wheel, and some rather neat trim that just finishes the look – nothing over-the-top, but just right.

The John Cooper Works MINI captures the spirit of the original Mini Cooper perfectly, and the fact that the official MINI John Cooper Works page gives you a ‘tunnel run’ demonstration tells you exactly what it’s about – fast fun with a hint of cheekiness.


Of course there’s slightly more equipment fitted than you might have found in the original, and this can range from adaptive suspension, through to a Heads-Up Display, wireless charging, reverse camera, front & rear parking sensors, and even a Concierge Service.

We think that even Sir Alec Issigonis (the creator of the very first Mini) would be pleased with the way that the new MINI has captured the hearts of long-time fans of the model, and what it represents now.

To see for yourself just what makes the MINI, and especially the John Cooper Works MINI so very special, and such good fun, contact one of our friendly professionals to book a visit. A word of warning though: be prepared for aching face muscles, because you really won’t stop smiling.


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