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All-New | Volkswagen Golf Estate

All-New | Volkswagen Golf Estate

08 January 2021

When we first saw pictures of the MK8 Golf estate, we have to say that we were very pleasantly surprised … it looks stunning, especially in the official photo colours. Estate cars seem to have fallen foul of the SUV – similar load capacity, higher driving position, a ‘newer’ style. It’s good that some manufacturers are still committed to the estate.

It seems that a number of manufacturers might be trying to bring a resurgence about for the humble estate – the Peugeot 508, BMW M3 Tourer, ŠKODA SUPERB, and now the Golf; all look purposeful, brilliantly designed, and fresh. They’ve gone from load-luggers to lifestyle vehicles.

MK8 Golf Estate

The latest incarnation of the Golf Estate is upon us, and to the keener eye, it’s radically different – a lower, flatter roofline with a more angled rear hatch gives the Golf a sportier look, more streamlined, and less boxy than the outgoing model.

From the front, you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between the estate and the regular hatch – they’re pretty much identical, right down to the air intakes and LED headlights, but look at it 3/4 on, and the estate comes alive, it really does look good.

Volkswagen have found an extra 66mm in length from the outgoing model, and that space has been used to ensure that rear seat passengers are well accommodated – even the tallest of people should fit comfortably in the back now, even with the lower roofline.


Long gone are the days that estate cars were chosen because you had no other choice – you need room? You need an estate! Manufacturers today realise that most owners have chosen them for a variety of reasons, and with that in mind, they’re putting them on an equal footing with their regular offerings – from the beautifully designed details, through to the technology and driving experience.

Stepping between the hatchback or the estate, you’d be hard pressed to spot differences between the two cabins – the new estate is fitted with the same technology and toys as you’d find in the hatchback, and the same goes for engines & driveline.


An engine to suit every need – a choice between three-cylinder 1.0 litre petrol engines, 1.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol (one with mild-hybrid power), a pair of 2.0 litre diesels, and arriving soon will be an R-Line version, said to have around 310hp and four-wheel drive.

The standard range is offered with a 6-speed manual transmission, with the option for a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, although the hybridised version comes as standard with the automatic gearbox; modern automatic gearboxes are so much better for efficiency and fuel economy.

The Right Car?

If you’re in need of something with a little extra space (the updated estate has 611 litres of cargo space – the regular hatchback has 381 litres), but still want the feeling of driving something a little sportier, or low-slung (compared to an SUV), then the new MK8 estate Golf is the way forward.

Driving dynamics are virtually identical to the hatchback, the style is simply beautiful, and the whole package comes together exactly as Volkswagen intended, rather than as a bit of an afterthought – this isn’t a regular Golf with a bit of extra space tacked on where they can, it’s a purposely designed lifestyle vehicle.

If you’d like to take a look for yourself, or ask any questions (about any of the Volkswagen range) then please do get in touch with a member of our team; they’d be happy to help, and to explain all the finer details about what makes the new Golf estate so special.


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