Range Rover 21MY Velar Hybrid


Whenever you hear the words ‘Land Rover’, you instantly visualise rugged farm tracks, mountain tops, and mud up to your waist (or is that just us?), but mention ‘Range Rover’ and the complete opposite is true; luxury, refinement, power … and yet, Range Rover have pulled off one of the biggest magic tricks of all automotive giants – it delivers all of the luxury and refinement you could want, but it’s still capable of crawling up a mountain to rescue a goat.

Of course, all that luxury, refinement, and power, comes at a cost when it comes to visiting the petrol station, but that’s changing. Land Rover are happy to announce that the latest Range Rover Velar “continues Range Rover’s 50-year history of innovation.” The whole of the Range Rover family is now electrified in some form or another.

Velar Plug-In Hybrid

The Range Rover Velar was launched three years ago, and was an instant hit – the mid-size SUV fitted perfectly into the range, and gave faithful Range Rover fans an extra option that sits between the Evoque, and the Sport.

The 2021MY has of course been fitted with all manner of great technology, but perhaps the biggest (and best) tech fitted has to be the hybrid system, as used on the very latest Land Rover Defender.

It uses a 105kW motor coupled to a 17.1kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which in turn is coupled to a 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine (300PS), to give a combined output of 404PS (or around 400 horsepower in old money).

Quoting horsepower figures doesn’t really tell the full story though, the impressive number is the torque – 640Nm, or 472ft-lb. That’s enough to power to lug not just your farm animals, but your whole farm, and of course, the electric aspect of the Velar means that torque comes in pretty low.

0-60mph times aren’t what the Velar is about, but they do give you an indication as to how that impressive combination works – it will do the sprint in 5.1 seconds, that’s sportscar territory.

Of course, the whole point of a plug-in hybrid is to either enjoy the added benefits when it comes to economy (Land Rover quote a figure of 130.2mpg, and emissions as low as 49g/Km), or to have that silent running effect, of which it can do for up to 33 miles before needing a recharge. And you’ll be pleased to know that an 80% recharge can take just 30 minutes.

The Velar Difference

Electrified powertrains and cleaner mild hybrid diesel engines mean the Velar is an even more efficient and sustainable option for our customers.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new Electrical Vehicle Architecture – EVA 2.0 – supports the new Pivi and Pivi Pro infotainment, as well as Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA), and a whole suite of advanced driver assistance systems, cameras and clean-air technology, making the Range Rover Velar cleaner, safer and smarter than ever before and one of the most technologically advanced luxury SUVs in the world.” – Nick Rogers, executive director of product engineering at Jaguar Land Rover.

Of course, you already know that the Velar is equipped with everything you could possibly want (depending on trim level), but now it seems that Jaguar Land Rover have given serious thought to making the Range Rover range of vehicles, just that little bit better, both for you, and the environment.

More Information

To find out more information about the new plug-in hybrid Velar, or any of the Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles, get in touch with our professional team, and they’ll be able to give you the full run down on just what makes them a special vehicle.

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