Approved Used | What Car? 2019 Best Used Car Scheme

“If you’re looking for a straightforward scheme that offers exceptional peace of mind, Jaguar Land Rover’s is the one to beat”.

That’s the headline from What Car?, the long-running, consumer magazine dedicated to car buying. Exceptional peace of mind? Who are we to argue with such praise?

The Approved Used scheme from Jaguar Land Rover does seem to be a success. They aren’t doing anything radical, there’s no ‘to good to be true’ offer, just good old fashioned customer service done well, with an emphasis on selecting the best products to offer their customer, backed up with some solid JLR know-how.​

Approved Used Land Rover 

We realise that not everyone is in the market for a brand-new Land Rover (although the stunning looks and technology of the Velar could change that), but we believe (as do Land Rover) that buying a used Land Rover should be no-less of an experience than buying new.

Thanks to the Jaguar Land Rover ‘Approved Used’ scheme, that’s exactly what you’ll get – an experience.

This isn’t about barely used, less than 1,000 mile Land Rover’s either, the scheme covers vehicles up to 5-years old and 100,000 miles, and certain points of the scheme give you exactly the same feature that you’d get when buying new; this is Land Rover standing by their product, demonstrating the reliability, and telling the world that they have a world-class product.

The reason why they’re offering this level of detail and care is simple – they’ve spent a great deal of time designing and developing their product to perform how they want it to, they want a customer to enjoy it exactly as they’ve built it.​

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Benefits of the Approved Used Scheme

As What Car? have said, the scheme offers exceptional peace of mind for any used car buyer, and that’s because of the preparation and back-up that comes with the scheme:

  • 2-year Jaguar approved warranty
  • 24-month 24/7 roadside assistance (exactly the same as all new Land Rovers)
  • Rigorous testing before sale – a 165-point inspection that covers mechanical, electrical and safety checks
  • Reconditioned by Land Rover trained technicians using the latest Land Rover technology and genuine parts
  • Certified mileage check, including ensuring that any service history is fully up-to-date
  • Road test by a Land Rover trained technician
  • Professional, expert trade-in service

Essentially, what you’re buying is a car that has been fully-prepared to the same high standard that all new Land Rover’s come with, with the same attention to detail, genuine Land Rover parts (where needed) and certified mileage, but without the added premium of being the first owner.

Land Rover say “When you can’t tell it’s used, it’s Land Rover Approved

To find out more about the Land Rover Approved Used programme, discuss any requirements or details, contact one of our friendly professionals today. Let us show you why the Approved Used cars are a cut above the rest.

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