The New Jaguar E-PACE | More Than Revision


Jaguar first revealed the E-PACE to an awaiting audience back in July 2017. It was their second SUV, but the first ‘sub compact’ SUV from Jaguar. In other words, it’s the baby SUV, albeit quite a big baby.

Despite being relatively new, Jaguar have updated the E-PACE, and it’s so much more than a facelift – this is predominantly all new, right down to the ‘PTA’ platform that it shares with some of the Jaguar Land Rover stablemates.

The new platform was introduced as a way of being able to update the powertrains, including allowing for hybridisation. Out of the seven new engines, six of them have some form of hybrid technology.

PTA Platform

Of course, the new platform brings other benefits also – Jaguar say that it helps with refining the overall feel of the vehicle, including making it a little stiffer thanks to better suspension mounting points, but that’s not to say that the ride is harsh – Jaguar have gone to great effort to tune the suspension to be as it should be; it still rides like a Jaguar.

Further still, we can now have an updated driveline, which (model dependent) means an ‘on-demand’ all-wheel drive system – intelligent enough to disengage the rear axle while steady-state light cruising (for efficiency), or the even cleverer active driveline set-up which can transfer the torque front to back (for maximum grip) along with being able to send up to 100% of the to a single rear wheel if needed (in as little as 0.1 second).

Revised Styling & New Tech

On the exterior, there have been a few changes – it’s still very recognisable as the E-PACE, but a sharper eye will see a revised front grille, different bumpers, new wing vents, and some rather fresh looking LED headlights. The rear tells the same story.

As for the interior, there’s a plethora of new tech, from an updated infotainment system, using an 11.4” HD touchscreen, which Jaguar say is 48% larger than the outgoing model, and three times brighter. There’s also two LTE modems, which makes streaming/downloading across multiple devices a breeze, and allows for OTA (Over The Air) updates for the systems.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard, as does the 12.3” driver’s screen, but for not much more money, there are toys like the advanced Head-Up Display (HUD), which once you’ve tried, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

It Is a Jaguar

Overall, the E-PACE has been improved dramatically, and given that it was already very good, you’d have thought that Jaguar didn’t have much left in the tank.

It’s not often that a new(ish) model undergoes such a radical revamp, but that shows Jaguar’s commitment to bringing the best product to market, and it’s paid off. To see it (sample it!) for yourself, get in touch with one of our professionals, and they’ll get you started on the road to Jaguar E-PACE ownership.

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