BMW M4 Coupé vs. Porsche Cayman S and Audi RS5

BMW M4 Coupé vs. Porsche Cayman S and Audi RS5

The best cars have long been pitted against others in their class to determine which should truly hold the crown, but the latest motoring battle is really something else. The BMW M4 Coupé, Porsche Cayman S and Audi RS5 were identified as comparable cars to challenge each other across a range of different criteria, and a clear winner has emerged - the BMW M4 Coupé.

When petrolheads set the all-new BMW M4 Coupé against competitors the Porsche Cayman S and the Audi RS5, the stakes were sky-high. All three vehicles are widely acclaimed high-performance vehicles, and were tested by industry experts on performance, handling, value, and equipment.

Although the competition was tough, the BMW M4 Coupé beat its closest rivals, the Audi RS5 and the Porsche Cayman S, hands-down. Despite offering a marginally better overall acceleration from 0-60mph, the RS5 and the Cayman S were conclusively beaten by the M4 Coupé’s astonishing acceleration at higher speeds and in higher gears. The seven-speed automatic transmission is able to develop a peak torque of 550Nm, far above the other two vehicles.

One of the best M cars yet, the all-new M4 Coupé rivals supercars on performance and blends its sporty credentials with a practical four-seater body shape. Weighing in at 1,497kg, the M4 Coupé is significantly lighter than the RS5 and can take a surprisingly large 543kg payload, making it the vehicle with the largest load capacity by weight.

Inside, the M4 Coupé includes a generous range of equipment as standard, including satellite navigation, USB and DAB functionality, as well as Bluetooth® connectivity. Heated leather seats as standard will keep you and your passengers comfortable and relaxed, while ceramic brakes are available as an option.

In terms of handling, adaptive dampers, cruise and active control are all also included as standard, whereas these are all optional extras on the other vehicles, with the exception of cruise control on the RS5.

Overall, the BMW M4 Coupé provides a much more immersive driving experience, bringing all the fun of the track to your daily commute. The model features a traditional front end engine and rear-wheel drive setup, as well as the option to fully turn off the traction and stability control. The result is that the handling is playful and allows the driver a more natural driving experience at the touch of a button.