BMW Celebrates i3 Success

BMW Celebrates i3 Success

BMW is celebrating sales over one million units so far this year, thanks in no small part to the release of its ground-breaking i3. The i3 itself sold over 1,200 units in June of this year alone.

Representing an enormous step forward for the brand, the BMW i3 is the German marque's first foray into the affordable EV market, and it hit the nail on the head with the i3. Designed from the ground up to be electric, the i3 is fast becoming a popular mainstay of the BMW range. It is also among the fastest-growing in the new electric vehicles category.

BMW has been overwhelmed by orders for the i3 and is still working through the thousands of orders it has received for the i3 this year, following the unexpectedly high popularity of the new model. Nonetheless, this clever little electric vehicle is expected to prove a prominent sales model for BMW.

With a range of 81 miles, or 72 miles plus an additional 78 miles powered by petrol with the range extender, the i3 delivers an astounding 124mpg. This makes it among the most efficient even among electric cars, and results in significant cost savings. This economical edge comes from the £0 road tax payable, the government grants available for home charging stations, and the low fuel costs.

The i3 is distinctively a BMW, but its visionary design incorporating high-quality, sustainable materials throughout gives it a futuristic edge. Inside, you will find BMW's most up-to-date technology, such as the ConnectedDrive Services, which driver and passengers can enjoy to the maximum as the driving experience is almost silent. The BMW i navigation system ensures that you always know how far the remaining battery range will take you, and it will also tell you where the nearest charging station is located.

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