Westerly BMW How To Instructional Videos

Your sophisticated BMW comes equipped with a host of cutting-edge technologies designed to make motoring simpler, safer and more rewarding. Here at Westerly BMW, we want you to make the best of every feature, and have therefore created the below instructional videos to guide you through key functions.

Click on each link to view a simple and informative video, and enjoy the latest innovations from the pioneering German manufacturer. For further guidance, feel free to contact our welcoming dealership in Barnstaple, Bridgwater, Dorchester, Exeter or Yeovil.

How To Charge a BMW i3


The video above tells you how to charge your BMW i3. This can be done using the cable provided, or via the BMW I Wallbox which guarantees fast-charging times. To find out more about the BMW i3, come down to any of our 5 Westerly BMW locations.

How To Sync Google Maps to Your BMW


Google 'Send To Car' is a really good feature. You can go straight onto the Google Maps site, input the destination, once you have that destination hit 'Send To Car'. It will then give you an account or user name that you put in. That account name is then connected to your car. You send that destination to the account, go to your car, open up 'Connected Drive', go into 'Messages', and within messages you will see an email that has been delivered with the destination that you had hit via the 'Send To Car' function. Select 'Start Destination' and you can start your route and you are away.

How To Sync Your Phone with Your BMW


Syncronising your phone couldn't be easier. When you syncronise it to a BMW you just need to click on the 'Menu' button, then 'Telephone', then 'Add New Device'. This will then bring a unique system up whereby you can go onto your phone to syncronise your device. You put in a 4 digit PIN, which you add to the car as well. Whilst this is being syncronised, this will then allow you to look at your phone book via the vehicle's screen. This makes it completely handsfree for the user.

How to Check Your Service Light


When checking if your car needs to be serviced, this is very easy option for the driver. You go onto the 'Menu' button, click on 'Vehicle Information', click on 'Vehicle Status' which will then bring up an image of the car with 4 unique digits on the vehicle. You select 'Service Requirements' which will then give you information on a range of servicing elements of the car including engine oil, brake fluid, vehicle check, rear brake pads and front brake pads. Click on anyone of these, and the system will tell you when the car will need to be serviced.