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Audi Intelligent technology

your sixth sense

Audi Intelligent driver assistance features give you more than just an extra pair of eyes on the road. Whether you’re reversing, turning right, changing lanes or in cruise control, these features alert you sudden hazards or obstacles – and can even take evasive action.

Then there’s helpful technology, like Park assist, that can guide you into tight parking spaces. Once engaged, it takes the wheel for you and deftly manoeuvres you into spaces you may not even have thought possible.

With intelligent features like Matrix Beam LED headlights, an Audi can even flood the road with light, without dazzling oncoming traffic. Using a camera and sensors, Matrix LED automatically adjusts individual diodes to dip the beam. Or increases it on just one side, to fully illuminate the road as you turn into a bend.

With these, and many more intelligent features, your Audi doesn’t just drive. It thinks.

Discover the intelligent A7

Quattro all-wheel drive

Better grip in all conditions

quattro is our renowned all-wheel drive technology. The principle is simple: by sharing the acceleration force between four wheels rather than two, each tyre delivers better grip. This translates into greater traction when accelerating and assured road-holding when cornering.

Different quattro systems are available on different Audi models, but the way it works remains fundamentally the same. quattro constantly analyses the behaviour of the wheels while driving; when one wheel loses traction, more power is sent to the others to maintain control.

The result is better handing, especially on wet, loose or frozen surfaces. But quattro isn’t just for extremes; you’ll notice greater agility and responsive turning and manoeuvering in every day conditions.

Control that gives confidence and enjoyment. It’s what quattro all-wheel drive is all about.

Audi Pre-sense

See the road ahead

Pre sense is the term for our range of predictive technologies that react to sudden obstacles. The range includes pre sense front; pre sense rear; pre sense city and pre sense plus.

Pre sense front, for example, uses a camera and radar sensors to alert you to approaching hazards. If you miss this warning, an escalating sequence of actions follows: first with a gentle pulse of the brakes, then with partial braking and ultimately, rapid deceleration.

Conversely, if a collision from the rear is imminent, pre sense rear also begins safety measures. After alerting you to danger, it rapidly closes the windows and sunroof and tightens the seat belts to protect you.

When it comes to keeping an extra eye out, pre sense has got you covered.

Cross-traffic assist rear

You’re reversing, but there’s only so much you can see in your rear and side-view mirrors. Not to worry – Cross-traffic assist rear will alert you when vehicles cross your blind spot, and even activate the brakes if necessary.


Someone ahead of you unavoidably weaves or swerves. This is where quattro all-wheel-drive comes in handy. It distributes grip where it’s needed, giving you the confidence to manoeuvre safely around wayward vehicles.


This smart technology keeps an extra eye on the road. It warns you of objects in front, applying the brakes if necessary. Whether it’s a pedestrian stepping into the road, or a car that suddenly brakes, Pre-sense will help to keep you safe.

Matrix beam

Audi Matrix LED technology is particularly clever. Fully automatic, Matrix LEDs anticipate oncoming traffic and corners. Dipping your main beam accordingly, or adjusting to fully illuminate the road as you take a bend.

Side Assist

When changing lanes, you may not see what’s approaching from behind. Audi Side Assist does. Sensors pick up who’s in your blind spot and will alert you before you make your
next move.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Until now, cruise control wasn’t traffic-suitable. With Adaptive Cruise Control, that’s changed. It will slow down your vehicle, keeping you a safe distance from the car in front - even if it comes to a sudden stop. And when the traffic gets going again, the system accelerates to resume your cruising speed.