Which Audi SUV is for You?


Vorsprung durch Technik. Perhaps one of the most famous phrases used in motoring advertising (actually coined by a British advertising agency), it roughly means “progress through technology”, and is as relevant to Audi today, as it has ever been, perhaps more so.

We are living in a technology-driven age, car and powertrain development is happening on a daily basis, and whilst we’re some years off being completely free of fossil fuel, the big manufacturers are slowly phasing it out, and Audi (under the Volkswagen umbrella), are embracing that technology.

But that doesn’t yet mean Audi have stopped developing their range of SUVs; this new technology is helping them to improve their line-up.

The Audi SUV Range

Audi have an impressive range of SUV styled vehicles, and if you include the Sportback versions, there’s 16 in total:

Starting small, we have the Q2 and the sportier SQ2, then running through the range we step up with size or specifications; Q3, Q3 Sportback, RS Q3, RS Q3 Sportback, onto the Q5, Q5 TFSI e, SQ5, and then stepping up dramatically in the size department we have the Q7, SQ7, followed by the Q8, SQ8 and RS Q8, and finally, the e-tron and e-tron Sportback.

All models except the e-tron come with a variety of powerplants, both petrol and diesel, but the standout models are the Q5 TFSI e hybrid, and the e-tron.

At first glance, understanding the range may seem like a task, but being led by a team of engineers, Audi have made it quite easy, once you know the basics: going from two through to eight is essentially a step up in size, or equipment/luxury levels, and then we have S and the RS; the standard model has no prefix (eg, Q2, Q5, Q7 etc), then if you think of Sporty for the S prefix, and Really Sporty for the RS, and that’s it.

Technology Driven

If safety is your priority, then fret not, Audi still have you covered with an impressive choice – the complete model range, from the Q2 to the e-tron all have at least two models (except the e-tron, which really has only one model) with a Euro NCAP 5 Star safety rating.

Much of this is down to the built-in technology and equipment, fitted as standard (model & trim dependent). The smallest of the bunch, the Q2, comes with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking (with a sensibly priced option for the Audi Pre-sense Front System, Park Assist and Cross-traffic Assist). Moving through the range and up to the Q8, quite frankly, it would be easier to list what it doesn’t come with.

Going Green

And for those of you that like the styling of an SUV, but aren’t 100% convinced that the exhaust emissions are justifiable, Audi have thought of that too. The Q5 TFSI e is a mid-size, five door, plug-in hybrid that uses a 14.1kWh lithium ion battery pack that can cover over 26 miles before recharging, at a speed of up to 84mph. Enough for most daily activities.

And if the Q5 isn’t big enough, or you want full electric, then Audi have also recently launched the e-tron, a full-size, fully electric (BEV) SUV. Audi (being engineers) have developed the SUV to be conventional, despite being powered by the very latest in state-of-art electronics, Audi are branding this as ‘concept clarity’, in other words, sticking with a tried and tested formula for everything but the motive power source.

Why Audi?

If you’re wondering just what sets Audi apart from the competition, think of it like this; German engineering, attention to detail, build quality, and design. Of course, if you’re so inclined, there’s also the small matter of the badge, which simply says “prestige”.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of SUVs from Audi, get in touch with one of our friendly professionals, they’ll be happy to walk you through the range, and give you unbiased opinion on what you really need to know.

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