Audi's Group


15th MARCH 2019

We are all really pleased. Q Power was a particular focus of ours last year and winning the award was even more special given the exceptional challenges the industry faced.

Our success lies in having a loyal group of people, the majority have been with Truro Audi for a very long time. We have fantastic highly skilled staff who have achieved Audi Certification which is a testament to our commitment to training and development. It’s very much a team award, the credit goes to all of our staff.

Anther factor in our success is our consistency. That helped us move from 70th in the Q Power rankings at the start of the year to 15th at year end, which is another major achievement for us. We focus on all the Q Power balanced score card factors, from customer satisfaction, staff qualification and financial return. We also have a great relationship with the Audi field team, who are always there to help.