Tyres from Helston Garages Volvo

At Helston Garages Volvo we offer a massive range of tyres and you will be very pleased to learn about our price match on all Volvo approved tyres* which ensures our prices always remain competitive.

Here is why you should choose Helston Garages for tyres on your Volvo.

  • Our expert team can help you select the right tyres for your Volvo
  • We provide simple, clear advice relevant to your Volvo and your driving style
  • Only Volvo trained Technicians will fit tyres to your Volvo - not all tyre fitters are the same!
  • We are the only Volvo approved tyre suppliers helping keep your Volvo.....well a Volvo.

Why are tyres so important?

Did you know that a tyre with even 3mm of tread remaining (1.4 above the minimum legal limit) is in fact 78% worn? Unbelievable but true!

Tyres are critical to the overall safety of your Volvo because breaking distances can increase significantly when tread levels get low especially in the wet. In fact, reserach shows that a car with tyres at the legal limit of 1.6 mm will take an additional 10 metres to stop when doing just 50mph in wet conditions when compared to new tyres.

There are also some less known benefits of having the right tyres for your Volvo including: -

  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Improved road handling
  • Improved comfort

For more information about choosing the right tyres for your Volvo, please contact our Aftersales teams.

Terms and conditions apply: *Price match on like for like tyres available within a 5 mile radius of relevant dealership postcodes and excludes internet sales.