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Safety First with the Volvo XC60


If you’re of a certain age, the mention of Volvo probably brings up memories of super-boxy, solid cars that could outlast the cockroaches, that outlast nuclear disasters. Today’s Volvo is slightly different though; still capable of withstanding anything that life can throw at it, but with a style that’s … stylish.

The Volvo XC60 is a mid-sized SUV that offers everything a family could ever need, including safety tech designed to offer the occupants an unrivalled degree of protection; Volvo stated in 2018 that their goal is to never have another fatality for any occupant of their vehicles, which considering they sell nearly three-quarters of a million cars each year, is a bold statement.​​

Volvo XC60 Family Car

The XC60 is more than ‘just another SUV’, it handles city driving with ease, cruises motorways without fuss (or noise!), and can even get its tyres dirty when needed (with the four-wheel drive versions).

There’s room enough in the back for three fully-grown adults, with comfortable leg room, but not at the price of manoeuvrability in city streets or parking spaces, but again, Volvo can help out there if needed – their park assistance system can automatically steer you into a car park bay, or parallel parking spot.

Of course, the name Volvo is almost synonymous with safety, but what about ‘family’?

Designing an SUV that looks great, and drives dynamically, is one thing, but trying to make it work for a family is a completely different set of skills, but again, it seems that Volvo have given a great deal of attention to doing just that.

The interior has been well-thought out, with lots of storage space and cubby holes to store ‘stuff’ (if you’re a parent, you’ll know exactly what ‘stuff’ consists of) – from the door pockets that can hold two one-litre drinks bottles each, the cubby under the rear seats, or the near-cavernous centre console storage.

There’s an impressive 483 litres of boot space also, but with the rear seats folded flat (and they do fold flat – giving you a completely flat floor with no lip at the door opening), that can be as much as 1,432 litres. Better still, Volvo haven’t stopped there; need to carry something longer but still have seats for rear occupants? Then the ‘ski hatch’ allows you to slide longer items through the rear seats.

XC60 Safety & Comfort

Did you know that Volvo actually design their seat bases to withstand a vertical impact? That’s just one small safety detail (that isn’t widely publicised) that shows their commitment to ensuring the safety of any occupant, and it’s part of their ‘Run off road protection’ systems.

Other systems include run off road mitigation, city safety (with steering support, for pedestrian, cyclist, large animal detection and avoidance with auto emergency braking), stability and traction control which includes spin control, engine drag control, and corner traction control.

As if that’s not enough, Volvo include ‘IC’ (Inflatable Curtains that run the length of the car) as standard, even on the entry level XC60, and then there’s smaller touches like the driver’s side knee airbag.


Telling you that you could have up to 390hp is largely pointless, yes it makes overtaking easier, but that misses the point of the XC60 – it’s not a sportscar that you’ll be emulating Lewis Hamilton in, but rather, a well-equipped family car that does everything superbly, it just so happens that there’s a little extra performance there if you need it (depending on engine choice).

You really only need to know that there’s six choices for motive power – 2 x diesel engine, 3 x petrol engine, and a petrol-electric hybrid. All trim levels get the 8-speed automatic gearbox, and Volvo’s claim of 42mpg (again, engine choice dependent) is realistic.

The Volvo XC60 really could be all things, to all people, but with a little extra flair, added reliability, and a safety record that’s unbeaten.

Want to find out more about the range of Volvos? Contact one of our friendly professionals, and they’ll be able to tell you everything you want to know, including how we’re keeping our customers safe.