The New V90 featuring Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Chapter 2 | Helston Garages Volvo

Where one story ends, another begins. This is our farewell tribute to one of the greatest footballers of all time. We present ”Epilogue” feat. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

We come from a different place

So we think about cars in a different way. It’s in our nature. To challenge how things are made. And to always put people first. Ever since 1927, we’ve made cars safer. We‘ve made them easier to drive. And we’ve reduced their impact on the environment. Now, we’re launching an all-new Volvo where every little detail is there for a reason. Where everything we know about technology, design and safety is brought together to take your journey to the next level. With the new Volvo V90 we are entering a new era. But we will never forget where we come from.

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