A New Beginning - AVICII & VOLVO | Helston Garages Volvo


Sometimes you have to go back to where it all began to go further than you have ever been before. To take a step back, get back to your roots, recharge your batteries, start fresh.

This is a new beginning.

“I've never been the attention seeking type. I'm reserved. But still, I love it. There's no feeling like it. When everyone's with you, you feel comfortable, and everything goes as planned. And unexpected reactions overwhelm you.”

"Get behind the wheel and experience the possibilities of the new XC90 yourself."


The all-new Volvo XC90 will be in our showrooms from 6th June and is available to order today! Please contact us now to be the first to see the car in the metal and to organise a test drive.

Volvo in Cornwall: 01872 300653

Volvo in Exeter: 01392 345030

Volvo in Taunton: 01823 211023

Volvo in Yeovil: 01935 310943

Volvo in Barnstaple: 01271 440684