Volkswagen’s Most Popular Hatchbacks


We recently told you about the legend that is the Volkswagen Golf: A continuous production run since 1974, and over 35,000,000 (that’s 35 million!) units sold worldwide in that time, or roughly one sale every 41 seconds. Golftastic.

It comes as no real surprise that the mid-size hatch from VW is as popular as it is, after all, it does everything – as happy at home lugging the family around the UK as it is being used by young’uns and empty nesters. Dressed in a suit it will deliver you in relative style, and it will take a beating from the muddy boots and wax cotton brigade. Quite simply, there’s no need for any other car, unless you’re planning on tackling Mount Snowdon (and for that, there’s the VW Amarok).

Ooh, we’ve thought of a reason that might just be enough to justify another car; when you need a little city runabout, and that’s why Volkswagen made the Polo.

Golfing News

We aren’t here to give you huge amounts of statistics, facts, and figures though. You already know that Volkswagen engineering is legendary, that the fastest Golf really is quite fast, that you can bank on reliability, and, being completely honest, that Volkswagen had a bit of a home goal a few years ago.

You may be surprised to see us bring that up, but we do so because we believe that it’s a good thing for our customers; Volkswagen can’t afford to be encumbered with another scandal, so everything is by the book, and beyond reproach – a good thing for a consumer.

There’s also a small element that Volkswagen know they need to make amends, therefore it’s no surprise that their equipment lists get longer, the standard tech gets better, and the overall value-for-money offering is better. A good thing for a consumer.

Deals on Wheels

While the nation is still recovering from an unprecedented start to the year, we’re taking the opportunity to offer you some pretty special deals on the Volkswagen Golf, and Polo.

Our dealerships participate in both nationwide offers and our own deals. As well as reductions to the price of selected models, we can also offer a range of reduced or free services as part of certain agreements. A range of free warranty, servicing and roadside assistance packages come as standard on new Volkswagens, with many of these services also part of offers on nearly-new or used vehicles.

As an example, we’re offering a Volkswagen Golf 8, 1.5 litre TSI Life, from stock, that you could drive home today, with the first three months payments on us … the last three months have been tough, so enjoy the next three months on us.

Or how about a Polo Match 1.0 80PS manual 5-door with the first three payments made for you?

Next Steps

We currently have 14 different offers available on new Volkswagens, ranging from the e-up! right through to the Touareg, but we’re always open to discussing options that could suit you better.

Why not talk to our professional team – they can answer any questions that you have, and update you with all that we’re doing to keep our customers safe while we try and restart the economy!