Introducing the all-new Volkswagen T-Cross

12th June 2019

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Whether you live in Lands’ End or John O’Groats, you can’t fail to notice that SUVs seem to have taken over our roads, and that every manufacturer has at least a model or three to fill that segment, and with good reason.

Despite the styling, an SUV isn’t about being able to drive up Mt. Kilimanjaro, or driving to places as yet undiscovered by the civilised world, or perhaps even just driving across a muddy Polo field, they’re designed to offer comfort and practical space, while still having a dash of style and excellent road manners.

They’re a people mover, with style.

Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen already offer a number of SUVs and ‘Crossover’ vehicles – the Touareg, T-Roc, Tiguan and the Tiguan Allspace, some as ‘full size’ SUVs, others with slightly better off-roading ability, all with excellent build quality with an eye to detail, but what of the people that don’t need any of that? That want the choice of an SUV, but with the footprint of a Polo?

The new T-Cross is all things, to all people, just … smaller.

The new SUV from Volkswagen uses the same underpinnings as the award-winning VW Polo, giving it a smaller footprint (both physically and ecologically), while still having an elevated driving position, and 5* winning crash protection (97%) in the EuroNCAP ratings.

Allied to that is a whole world of active safety technology, connectivity and smart tech, and you no longer need to justify your requirements for a larger SUV just to have those choices. Volkswagen even use the strapline of “I am more” in their advertising, along with the hashtag of #morethan1thing

All-New T-Cross Offer

Simple, Yet Elegant

The beauty of the T-Cross is that Volkswagen have simplified some choices (such as engines) while still offering an excellent list of specifications, upgrades or options.

You don’t need ten different choices of engines for example, certainly not when they’re offering similar performance or economy, so Volkswagen offer just two: both run on unleaded, both 3-cylinders of the same capacity (1.0 litre), the difference being that one is rated at 94 bhp, the other at 114 bhp, essentially asking if you just drive around a city, or do a few motorway miles also?

But that isn’t to say that it’s all no frills – there’s plenty of equipment on offer, such as the Active Info Display (replacing the standard analogue gauges) using a 10.3” TFT screen, or the differently coloured & textured dash panel inserts, sliding rear seats (allowing to prioritise rear leg room or luggage space), LED headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio … the list goes on.

Creature Comforts

All too often, a manufacturer cuts specifications, sizes, or materials when making this kind of car, believing that smaller means smaller price, therefore smaller specifications, smaller details, smaller space … and yet Volkswagen haven’t taken that route – the T-Cross has one of the lowest decibel readings in the cabin for the class, it has plenty of leg & head room in both the front and rear, has class leading space at the back – 385 litres with the seats pushed right back, or 455 litres brought forward.

Standard tech includes automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, post-collision mitigation, USB connectivity, Bluetooth and DAB radio, and a whole world of other technology and features are available for other models and specifications … when Volkswagen said “I am more”, they weren’t joking.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with any news, offers or deals for the new Volkswagen T-Cross, simply get in touch with one of our friendly, professional team – they’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.