The Legend of the Golf


Hyperbole and advertising are two easy bedfellows, even more so when it comes to car manufacturers (let’s not head down that darkened alley of claimed mpg figures for example), but once every few decades, a car comes along that was made to satisfy those hyperbolic claims.

A continuous production run since 1974, over 35,000,000 sold (that’s around one sale every 41 seconds), in countries all over the world, can only really point to one car, the Volkswagen Golf. In the time taken to write that introduction, another three Golfs were sold.

Instead of calling it the Volkswagen Golf, perhaps VW should rename it to the ‘Legend’, for it is.

Progress and Innovation

Part of the reason why the Golf is just so popular is that VW are constantly innovating, striving to make it better, and never resting on their laurels; if you manufactured one of the world’s top three best selling cars ever, you might just be tempted to give yourself a wee pat on the back, and some time out.

(In the time you’ve taken to read this far, VW have just sold another)

Of course, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, there was that scandal, but that’s only served to strengthen the product further, and all of the Volkswagen Group products. There’s never been a better time to buy a new Golf.

Why Choose a Golf?

Need a family car? The Golf works. Something for work? Yes, that too. Something with some ‘get up & go’? Again, the Golf has that covered. Style? In abundance. Reliability? We don’t even need to dignify that with a response. Think of nearly any situation (aside from driving up Mt. Everest), and there’s a Golf to suit.

It looks equally at home parked outside the 5 Star boutique hotel as it does on the mean streets of Truro, whether you’re attired in a ballgown & tux, or wellies & wax. It just works.

Of course, we could mention how the price compares to some of its rivals, or copy & paste the information from the brochures telling you all about the Park Assist System, Blind Spot Sensor or rear tinted glass, but you already know that the Golf is one of the best equipped cars in its class.

You choose a Golf, because it’s a Golf.

Standard Equipment

In all honesty, listing the equipment available is difficult. There’s ten different models in the Golf range, with prices starting at just over £22,000, rising to just under £38,000, but as an example, the Golf Match Edition has the following equipment as standard:

  • PreCrash preventive occupant protection
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Driver Alert System
  • City emergency braking
  • Predictive pedestrian protection
  • Digital radio
  • LED headlamps
  • Front & rear parking sensors
  • Climate control
  • … a huge list of bullet points doesn’t make for great reading … we’d much rather show you

Social Proof

In this day of digital marketing, social media and connectivity, ‘social proof’ is the latest big thing. That’s why all of your trusted websites, businesses and restaurants have their little boxes for reviews; if XX amount of people have all used their service or product, then it has to be good, right?

35,000,000 (yes, that really is thirty-five million) Golfs have been sold, you can’t get better social proof than that. Imagine over half of the UK population driving around in a Golf.

It’s easy to tell people just how good a product is, but until you experience that difference for yourself, it’s perfectly justifiable to remain sceptical. Come and sample the difference for yourself; if the dynamic driving experience doesn’t get you, maybe the solid construction and ‘clunk’ of the doors will.

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