Volkswagen Commercial Business Vehicles

Our Volswagen Van Centres hire vehicles to those businesses and individuals preferring to rent rather than make the larger financial commitment of buying.

Volkswagen's strong brand image as a manufacturer that produces efficient, reliable and refined vehicles is sure to reflect well on your company if you choose to furnish your employees with one of Carrs' Volkswagen models. The high performance and practicality of these vehicles mean that they are unlikely to encounter any mechanical faults which could cost your business time and money.

Individual motorists may also find the flexibility and minimal outlay of leasing a vehicle advantageous in certain circumstances. They too will find a magnificent range of vehicles available for hire at our van centres.

Our Exeter and Indian Queens based showrooms offer a great environment where you can to browse the latest models from Volkswagen and discuss your requirements with our experts. They will even be able to detail all the necessary information relating to monthly payments and tax implications, thereby ensuring you get the best deal for your business.

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Volkswagen business vehicles

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