The Volkswagen Group own a number of brands, from luxury through to sporty; Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Seat, and of course, ŠKODA (not forgetting Volkswagen as well).

If you had to guess which was their most profitable top-three, there’s a chance that you’d pick Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini. Are we right?

And to clarify, ‘profit’ doesn’t just necessarily ‘mark-up’:“we’ve made a car for a pound, let’s sell it for ten pounds”.

Profit is all about reliability, longevity, happy customers, and excellent service, with a little mark-up added on the end. While it’s true that one of the luxury brands sits at the top of the list (Porsche), number two spot is occupied by ŠKODA. They really are that good.

ŠKODA SUVs – All of Everything

ŠKODA have gone to great lengths to ensure that they’ve got you covered, whether you’re a young family in need of some space, a famer that needs something with four-wheel drive, or just someone that enjoys an elevated driving position, without feeling like you’re driving something ‘agricultural’.
ŠKODA have it all.


The KAMIQ is the newest SUV in the ŠKODA stable, it’s the most compact offering, but will still offer you ‘big car adventures’ as ŠKODA likes to put it. Its small size makes it ideal for city driving, but the 1.0 litre 95PS engine doesn’t feel out of place on longer journeys, and it will return around 49.7 MPG. (Or you could opt for the 1.6 litre TDI for that extra diesel torque).


KAROQ comes from the Aleutian word for ‘arrow’, which ŠKODA says is the perfect representation for their SUV; ‘dynamic & precise’.

This model is all about offering you flexibility, and durability, built with young families in mind. (And only a parent can know just how much havoc a child can wreak on a car). ŠKODA have put a great deal of thought in to what’s useful, such as the VarioFlex seating (which can be configured to maximise boot space, or removed completely), and what keeps the occupants safe, which is why the KAROQ has been awarded five-stars in the Euro NCAP ratings.


Is it any surprise that the KODIAQ won the ‘Best Seven-Seater’ in the 2019 Auto Trader New Car Awards? And that’s a market that’s hotly contested by some of the bigger European brands.

The KODIAQ offers everything from four-wheel drive, through to Dynamic Chassis Control, which helps to give a smooth ride on any surface, be that tackling the B roads of Bodmin, or farm tracks in Falmouth.


Finally, ŠKODA have released details of the very latest SUV, using the very latest in motive power – an all-electric SUV.

The ENYAQ is so new, that we’re still waiting on demonstrators (but we’ll be happy to add you to the growing list of people that want information), but here’s some details to keep you going:

A real-world range of up to 316 miles, two battery sizes – 62kWh or 82kWh, 204PS from the 150kW motor, and a range of charging options.

ŠKODA the Manufacturer

ŠKODA have been making cars for 125 years, they’re one of the oldest brands out there, and their sales territory covers more than 100 countries. (And more than 1.25m units per annum).

Since 2000, they’ve been wholly owned by Volkswagen, although parts of the ŠKODA group have been slowly integrated to the Volkswagen Group since 1991, and the engineering, styling, and reliability scores reflect that.

It has to be said that there was a time that ŠKODA weren’t an aspirational brand, that people assumed you drove a ŠKODA because … well, let’s just say it wasn’t flattering. Interestingly, a lot of automotive professionals didn’t share that view because they knew that despite ‘the image’, they’d be super reliable, go on forever, and could be trusted to work every hour of every day.

It’s taken a few years, but now the general public have understood just what a ŠKODA represents, and how ownership is something to be rightly proud of; they still have the excellent engineering, but now they’re styled perfectly too, and it’s a winning combination.

If you’d like to find out more about the ŠKODA SUV range, or can’t wait to hear more about the exciting ENYAQ, then get in touch with one of our friendly professionals, and they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know, including how we’re keeping our customers safe when they visit us.

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