ŠKODA Means Value for Money


When selling a product, shops, manufacturers, retailers, and brands stay well away from words like ‘cheap’, and with good reason: it conjures up thoughts of unreliability, poor construction, budget restrictions and bad design. But what if we changed that one word to the phrase ‘value for money’? What then?

Everyone loves a bargain, and that is essentially what value for money is all about. No single company knows this better than ŠKODA, and they give ‘VfM’ by the bucket.


Let’s be honest, there was a time that ŠKODA were more of an enthusiast’s car … people in the know would extoll the virtues of them, while all around them, the un-enlightened would disagree and make fun (they weren’t the prettiest of cars, nor did they have an enviable reputation for mechanical reliability).

If that’s your opinion of ŠKODA today, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. (Sorry).

ŠKODA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, which in effect means that you’re getting Volkswagen engineering, reliability, design and know-how with a badge that commands less money, making them excellent value for money, some may even use the word ‘cheap’.

Value for Money Motoring

Top of the list as to why ŠKODA’s represent excellent value for money, has to be, that due to outdated stereotypes, the ‘badge’ just doesn’t command the same respect as some of the other European brands (aka, badge snobbery). Rightly or wrongly (and it’s most definitely the latter), people view ŠKODA as poor, Eastern Bloc transport for the masses. Perhaps there was a time that it was true, but that’s going back 20+ years.

Another key to demonstrating why you’re getting excellent value for money, is to give you some background information as to how car manufacturers work in the modern age. Long gone are the days of hundreds of bespoke parts for each individual model; manufacturers need to keep cost to a reasonable level, so rather than spend millions on developing a part for a single model or two, they’ll spend millions on developing a part that will fit a range of cars.

Given that Volkswagen own ŠKODA, you can guarantee that multi-platform parts are designed with Volkswagen in mind, meaning that the ‘budget’ ŠKODA benefits indirectly from the legendary VW reliability. In fact, studies show that typically, ŠKODA’s are more reliable than their parent company.

Similarly, Volkswagen tarnished their reputation some years ago, they’re still recovering from that. This means that a huge amount of money has gone in to ensuring that their cars (and all the brands under the Volkswagen umbrella) are nothing less than exactly what they should be, and claim to be. There is no opportunity for “that’ll do” when it comes to the adherence of standards.

ŠKODA take a common sense approach, yes there’s no shortage of toys and options, even on entry level models, but the reality is that if ŠKODA feel their market demographics wouldn’t want something for the sake of it, it won’t be fitted just to ‘offer value’. (It only offers value if it’s wanted or needed).


It’s too easy to proffer the ‘budget Volkswagen’ term, but that would be doing ŠKODA a disservice. Yes, they’re owned by VW, share a number of components, and they’re less expensive, but they’ve been going for over 125 years, they have the second highest profit margin in the group (only second to Porsche), and continue to develop a range of cars that would happily sit on any prestige dealer’s forecourt.

Quite frankly, knowing the products as we do, including the aftersales service, we’re still amazed that they can offer everything they do, for the lower price. We can honestly tell you that if you’ve overlooked ŠKODA in the past, now is the time to take a fresh look at what they offer, value for money comes as standard.

We’re here to answer any questions that you have, to demonstrate that once you’ve put the outdated misconception aside, a ŠKODA makes the perfect choice when it comes to choosing your next car. Why not try one and judge for yourself?

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