All-New Skoda Octavia

The All-New 2020 ŠKODA Octavia


“Stylish, spacious and safe”, “Ready for anything, from work trips to weekends away with the whole family”. That’s just part of the reason why WHAT CAR? gave the all-new Octavia a five-star review.

ŠKODA themselves describe the Octavia as ‘generous space, peerless practicality and stylish looks’.

Want more? How about this from carwow: “Pound for pound, the best family car you can get for your money”.

Quite simply, the new ŠKODA Octavia is the class of the field, and then some.

Octavia Hatchback or Estate

It’s all too easy to think that ŠKODA have just revamped the popular Octavia for 2020, but there are some subtle differences that tell the whole story, and it starts with a slight increase in size, both in terms of width & length, and then there’s the new underpinnings, which it shares with the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf, and of course, hybrid power.

Whether you’re choosing the hatchback or the estate, you’ll notice that ŠKODA have also given the MY2020 Octavia a different design; it’s more evolution than revolution, but it’s different enough to be noticeable at first look, thanks, in part to the Matrix LED headlights. (And they’re a thing of technology-driven beauty).

Octavia Equipment

Let’s start at the front with those LED headlights; the system uses 22 separate LEDs controlled by a windscreen mounted camera, which when it senses oncoming traffic (or a pedestrian), switches off the corresponding LED so as not to dazzle them – almost negating the whole ‘high\low beam’ situation.

You can use voice activation with ŠKODA’s version of the Amazon Alexa, called ‘Laura’ to control functionality of the systems, a range of infotainment systems using touchscreens (between 8.25-inches and 10.25-inches), a virtual cockpit, triple zone climate control, four-door keyless entry, and of course, the usual contenders in the safety department, including lane-keep assist, front-assist and clever cruise-control.

There are some neat touches too – an umbrella stowed away in the door, multi-colour ambient lighting, up to 5 USB-C sockets and wireless charging, which is great considering you also have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (as standard).

Powertrain & Suspension

ŠKODA offer the Octavia with a choice of three petrol engines, three diesel engines, and for the first time ever, a hybrid. Staying with fossil-fuel gives you up to 190 horsepower, and true MPG figures of up to 63 MPG, and if you plump for the hybrid, it’s 204 horsepower (1.4 litre petrol engine with an electric motor), and an all-electric range of around 35 miles – enough for the daily commute for most people.

There’s also a choice of four different suspension options: standard springs, a sportier 15mm lower, a more adventurous 15mm taller, or the Dynamic Chassis Control with automatically adjusts to the road conditions and type. Picking the DCC also gives you the option to setup the steering, throttle and dampers independently.

Upmarket Interior

Along with the new look, comes a new, upmarket interior. ŠKODA have gone to great lengths to make the cabin a nicer place to be – soft-touch plastics, padded trim finishers, and comfortable seats (with heating, cooling, and massage options).

All trim levels come with a touchscreen infotainment system as standard, and here again, ŠKODA are giving you options – different screen size, gesture control, virtual cockpit (replacing the conventional gauges with digital versions), and there’s even a full Heads-Up Display system which projects the most pertinent information (or the satnav) onto the windscreen, so your eyes never have to leave the road.

Next Steps

ŠKODA have gone from a budget (but superbly engineered) everyday runaround, to a choice that rivals some of the best European competitors, but still with a sensible price tag attached, and it’s not often you can say that!

‘Budget friendly’ does have awkward connotations, but the only thing ‘budget’ about the new Octavia is the price, everything else is premium.

If you’d like to find out more about the new Octavia, or understand just why your next car really should be a ŠKODA, then contact one of our friendly professionals to discuss what we can do for you.

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