Gender Pay Reporting (April 2018)

Helston Garages Group is committed to treating both customers and employees fairly which is borne out by nearly 60 years of successful growth that has been fuelled by many loyal customers and employees.We are pleased to have approximately 25% of our workforce holding 10 years’ service or longer.

Our aim is to be the employer of choice for the motor trade in the South West, offering career opportunities to both males and females, supported by the fact that many management positions currently held were filled through internal development and progression.

The government required statistics are produced below in blue text together with our commentary to help explain what they mean.It is widely recognised that these measures show the gender pay gap (differences in the average pay between men and women) and do not measure equal pay (i.e. whether men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value are paid the same).In short, the fact that a large proportion of our workforce is male and that they hold a large percentage of the higher paying roles is what causes our gender pay gap.

We are committed to equal pay. Where male and female employees undertake the same role and responsibilities, they have the exact same opportunity to earn equal pay.We operate consistent group wide pay structures for many common roles to facilitate this.

It comes as no surprise at all that a gender pay gap exists within the prescribed statistics below - the motor trade has for many years been a male dominated industry in respect of workforce, which we cannot change alone.

We believe the group’s family ownership and family values promote a working environment which is conducive to both male and female employees.We are open to job applications from applicants of all diversities and are committed to offering equal opportunity to both male and female job applicants.

We want to attract and recruit the very best talent into our business, regardless of gender.

Required statistics

Mean gender pay gap – 19.1% - this shows the difference between the mean (average) hourly rate of pay that male and female employees receive.

Median Pay gap – 15.3% - this shows the difference between the median (midpoint) hourly rate of pay that male and female employees receive.

Mean bonus gender pay gap – 51.6% - this shows the difference between the mean (average) bonus pay that male and female employees receive.

Median bonus gender pay gap – 62.8% - this shows the difference between the median (midpoint) bonus pay that male and female employees receive.

Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment – 73.8%

Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment – 66.2%

Proportion of males and female in each quartile pay band - shows the proportions of male and female employees in four quartile pay bands, which is done by dividing the workforce into four equal parts

Pay band quartile



Lower quartile



Lower middle quartile



Upper middle quartile



Upper quartile



I confirm that these published figures are an accurate account of our gender pay gap as at April 2018.

Craig Glanville
Group Financial Director

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