The New Peugeot 208 - Arriving Later This Year.

36-years ago, Peugeot launched a car that went on to become an icon of the motoring industry, grown men & women still talk about the significance of it in hushed tones, almost a whisper, so as not to attract any more attention, for they want it for themselves.

The car in question was the Peugeot 205. In today’s parlance, it would be a ‘supermini’, but back then it was simpler – it was a hot hatch, pure & simple. Even the standard non-GTi models had a certain something about them, these were the cars of a whole new generation.

Discover All New 208

Drawn from history

It seems that Peugeot have finally understood that their heritage is something to be proud of, to inspire their new ranges, that even in 2019, their previous models can still teach them a thing or two about making better cars. Design director Gilles Vidal says “We wanted to create the sexiest hot hatch in the purest way”.

The new 208 is the 205 for today’s generation, and looking the way it does, it’s sure to have as much success. Peugeot say that it’s an all-new city car, and the focus of their attention is the younger buyer – with phrases like “embodies youthfulness” and “the future of driving”, allied to that is the 3D i-Cockpit which brings the latest technology to the fore, it also features tech such as a configurable 3D HUD (head-up display), a screen-mirroring function (for the smartphone) and wireless charging.

Depending on the exact model, you could also find yourself with lane positioning assist, speed & road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, modifiable safety distance, rear camera and even park assist – fully automated parking assistance. The new 208 has it all.

New platform

The 208 has been developed entirely from scratch, and thanks to the modular and ‘multi-energy’ platform, it will be available with a choice of electric, petrol and diesel engines, with the electric version looking a firm favourite with today’s generation – a 50kWh battery coupled to a 100kWh motor should give the equivalent of 134hp, 260Nm of torque and a range of 211 miles – the perfect supermini.

If you’re looking for something a little more … ‘old skool’ … there will be three choices of PureTech petrol, all using a 1.2 litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, the difference being in power output – 74, 99 or 128hp, and then there’s the diesel choice … the BlueHDi always offering outstanding economy and value for money. An 8-speed gearbox is fitted as standard to all but the entry level BlueHDi, and of course, the electric version.

Geneva 2019

The 208 supermini was described as being one of the most important cars at the 2019 Geneva motor show, not just for Peugeot, but for the motoring industry as a whole – it would seem as though Peugeot are looking to reclaim their title as a significant and fun manufacturer of all things small-car related, and going by their history, it would be brave to bet against them.

Interested in seeing the modern 208 for yourself? Or perhaps you’d just like a little more information as to why this will be the supermini to have? Contact one of our team today – they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.​

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