The Award Winning 5008 SUV.

The Peugeot 5008 started life as an MPV; although it was highly regarded for what it did, it never really won the applause that it deserved, and Peugeot, sensing a shift in consumer buying habits decided to change it around somewhat.

The 3008 mid-size SUV had been an incredible success, winning multiple awards, and Peugeot wondered whether they could replicate that success, but for a large SUV. They did.

This wasn’t a case of taking the boxy 5008 MPV and putting a fancy new dress on it though, in fact the only real carry-over from the MPV was the 5008 badge – everything else was new; new design, new technology, perhaps some would say, even a new ethos. 

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What Car?

The new 5008 (launched 2018) has won seven different international awards in its short lifetime, perhaps the most prestigious of those being the What Car? ‘Large SUV of the Year’ in 2018, and just for good measure, again in 2019. They even go so far as to state: “one of the best seven seat SUVs you can buy”.

It really isn’t that surprising when you consider that what you’re essentially getting is the extended version of the 3008, which in modern parlance is the ‘Rockstar’ of the SUV world, winning virtually every award going (or worth going for).

The main difference between the 3008 and the 5008 is the extra 190mm at the rear, giving it huge capacity to swallow luggage (one of the respected motoring magazines managed to fit ten carry-on suitcases in the boot with even breaking in to a sweat). Don’t need that much luggage space? That’s not a problem because you can also pop the extra seating from the floor to give it three-rows of seats, meaning seven passengers.

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Technology & Toys

It’s difficult to know where to start, the new 5008 comes with a raft of features and technology that would put other manufacturers to shame, depending on the specification, or whether you tick the extras box, you can have:

Automatic headlights and wipers, ambient LED lighting, fully-opening panoramic sunroof, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, tray tables on the rear of the front seats, comfort blinds, wireless charging, multi-point massaging seats, powered tailgate (with gesture control), lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking … the list goes on … but we’d have to say, our favourite of all the technology & toys … the Peugeot e-Bike that sits in a docking station in the boot. Simply genius.


A choice of engines and gearboxes (2 x petrol 2 x diesel, 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto) covers virtually everything you’ll need, and despite being small, the 1.2 litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine is mighty, even in something of this size.

The choice of frugality or ‘making progress’ is no longer valid – all engines deliver excellent fuel economy, and give a surprising turn of speed. Of course, a full-size SUV powered with a 1.2 litre engine isn’t going to win any 0-60mph sprint competitions, but that’s not why you’re buying it (if traffic light Grand Prix’s are your thing, then you should definitely check out the electric 208 supermini), this is more about practicality than sportiness, and in that sense, it delivers by the bucket load.


Peugeot have gone through a transformation over the recent years, which has led to some of their interiors being compared to something like that of a motor show concept car, that’s how good they are. It isn’t anything radical, although the head-up design of the dash on certain models is certainly not commonplace, but it’s about the overall feeling, the design and the ‘plushness’ of the space.

A mixture of interior materials means that the cheaper hard plastics are long gone, replaced by soft touch trim, leather and quality, which is something that much of the competition can’t (or won’t) match; despite the competitive pricing, all of the latest Peugeot interiors make you feel as though you’re sitting in something that’s more premium, perhaps even Germanic. 

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Describing the latest models from Peugeot as ‘ground breaking’ or ‘luxury’ is lazy; reaching for any hyperbole and dressing it up as fact just doesn’t work, either for us as a Peugeot dealer, or you the end customer.

But the simple and honest truth is that Peugeot have undergone a transformation, and even that doesn’t paint the full picture – they’ve gone back to a time where their products ruled the roost, but in the same moment, they’ve taken a step forward to embrace technology and managed to produce something that is truly better than other brands … try them for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

Contact one of our friendly team for further details, perhaps even have a look around a new model or two … the best way to understand the new styling and ethos is to sample it for yourself.

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