The Award Winning 3008 SUV.

If Donald J. Trump was a car reviewer, we’d be telling you that the Peugeot 3008 was “the most winningest SUV. Ever.” Thankfully, we do the writing, he does the president-ing.

You’ll excuse the brief foray in to politics there, but trying to come up with a different way of telling you that the Peugeot 3008 is successful is difficult – scooping the odd award here and there is simple enough, but it gets a little embarrassing to reel off all of them. They include (but not limited to): Carbuyer Best Medium SUV (3-years running), Driver Power Car of the Year, Gold Winner Mid-Size SUV, European Car of the Year, What Car? Car of the Year, Auto Express Mid-Size SUV winner … you see the problem?

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The Details

Let’s put aside the winning for a moment (nobody likes a show off) and talk about why it’s claimed such accolades since it was first introduced in 2008, starting with the exterior.

You’d have to say that it has a certain Gallic charm; it looks different enough to standout from the already cramped market-space, but it’s not radical. It has an almost rare quality of being all things to all people – think it has a certain aggressive styling? It does. Think it looks like a more rounded, well polished traditional mid-size SUV, it does. The styling is almost illusory.

Step inside and it’s different again, the motoring press say that compared to the rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai or Seat Ateca, it’s in a different generation (not just league), that it’s more visually arresting than the offerings from the premium end of the SUV spectrum, and that depending on the specification, you’re getting something rather special.

The New Peugeot

It’s almost as though Peugeot have reinvented themselves, especially when comparing the new models to those of a decade or two ago. Perhaps the politest way of describing some of the older models was that you could see that they had been built to a budget; yes, they were good cars, but they never felt (or looked) premium, and the ‘new’ Peugeot have changed that.

With such technology and features as a panoramic glass sunroof, the digital i-Cockpit dashboard, ambient LED lighting, rear view camera, Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto) – even the entry-level model ‘Active’ has electric windows, DAB radio, Apple & Android functionality, Mirrorlink, air conditioning, Bluetooth, automatic wipers and lights, rear parking sensors, cruise control, height adjustable seating, electric folding mirrors … quite honestly, entry-level doesn’t really do it justice.

As for engines, there’s a choice of four – two petrol and two diesel, with up to 180hp on offer, but again, the smaller of the four isn’t lacking in any department, and despite having just three cylinders and a capacity of 1.2 litres, Peugeot haven’t short changed any potential buyer – it’s one of the favourite choices thanks to its frugal nature and smooth delivery.

Next Steps

Of course, we’re a Peugeot dealer, therefore you’d expect us to tell you that the latest offering is better than anything you’ve seen before, but that’s too easy.

The real proof is sitting on our forecourt, waiting to show you that whatever you know about Peugeot, prepare to be enlightened.

Contact one of our friendly team for further details, and they’ll happily take the time to show you around the new Peugeot, why they’re so much more than you might expect, and why the competition no longer competes.

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