Peugeot Vans | Which One is Right for You?


With their two-hundred and tenth anniversary happening now, perhaps Peugeot’s marketers should think about going all retro, and bringing back some of their old marketing: “The lion goes from strength to strength.”

Of course, they’re best known for the Gallic flair they bring to superminis, nobody does a supermini quite like the French, but some years ago, they made the commercial decision to go … commercial, and their vans have become known for their legendary reliability and functionality.

Essentially, they cover most needs with the range they offer: Partner, Expert, and Boxer.

Peugeot Partner

The Partner is the smallest of the offering, but it can still swallow a payload of up to 1,000Kg, with a volume of up to 4.4m3.

Peugeot Expert

Mid-sized, the Expert carries a payload of up to 1,499Kg, and has maximum loading height of 1,397mm. It’s also available as a full electric vehicle.

Peugeot Boxer

The most cavernous Peugeot of them all. A payload of up to 1,900Kg can be accommodated, with a volume of 17m3. Again, available as full electric.

Model Trim

Depending on the model, the range of Peugeot vans usually runs between ‘Asphalt’, ‘Grip’, and ‘Crew’.

The Asphalt models are designed for general use, a bit of an all-rounder if you will, and with technology such as the Surround Rear Vision fitted, it makes life on the road, just that little bit easier.

As you may imagine, the Grip trim level has been designed for something a little rougher – it has increased ground clearance, all-season tyres, Grip Control with Hill Descent Assist, protective under-engine plate, and larger wheels.

Finally, there’s the Crew. Designed for transporting the most precious cargo – your workforce. It will seat up to five passengers, and still have capacity to carry a 850Kg payload (Partner van).

It’s worth noting that the Expert van also comes in ‘Sport Edition’, which we have say, in the Nera Black paintwork, with the black Phoenix rims, looks mighty.

Electric Models

Both the Expert and the Boxer vans are available as a full BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), using the tried and tested motor/battery setup from the Peugeot car range. Dependent on model, the range can be as much as 168 miles, with an 80% recharge time of around 30 minutes, and research shows that around 80% of commercial vehicles travel around 124 miles each day, on average. Range anxiety isn’t an issue with the e-Expert and e-Boxer.

Design Built In

Telling you the simple facts about which vans can do what is one thing, but it’s the detail touches that sets the Peugeot range of vans apart from the competition.

The Boxer van for example, has rear doors that have been designed to be practical, not just fill a hole; they can be as tall as 2.03m, giving ample room for height, and they’ll open up as wide as 270-degrees to make loading even easier. And when you combine that with the class-leading 1.42m load width area, it makes the Boxer unbeatable.

Or take the standard ‘Loading Pack’ in the Partner – LED lighting in the cargo area, with an additional four mid-height load securing rings, and a 220v power socket. There’s also a practical Overload indication system.

Or how about lowering the central armrest to reveal a practical swivelling table, for the complete mobile office look?

The Peugeot Range

The reality is that Peugeot vans are now part of the fabric of society, being used by everyone from tradespeople through to couriers, and everything in-between. They’re not a side-line to well respected car manufacturer, they’re a standalone product that has built a solid reputation for being reliable, well designed products, that quite literally deliver the goods every single time.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our professional team, and they’ll be able to give you full specifications, prices, and a little insight as to why Peugeot vans really are some of the best in the business.

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