New Updates for the Peugeot 3008 and 5008


Peugeot are changing, their modern cars have undergone a transformation, and it’s paying off in dividends. Given that they’re attracting a younger market segment, we’d have to say (excuse the modern parlance), Peugeot have been ‘smashing’ it.

Of course, that’s all very well, but where does that leave the traditional Peugeot customers? Simply put, in exactly the same situation – they’ve always had a youthful style, an eye for the French flair, and appreciate the small detail touches that Peugeot have made their reputation on, only now, they’re getting more of the same; the new Peugeots look fantastic.

3008 and 5008

The 3008, and 5008 Peugeots started life in the ‘people carrier’ segment, but Peugeot quickly learned that the SUV market was where they needed to be, so the decision was made to change tact. It wasn’t just a quick makeover to jump on a bandwagon either – a radical new design that looked fresh, and different enough to mark the onset of a new era.

Quite honestly, the whole of the new Peugeot range is something to be admired – they have an unrivalled style, and thanks to a change in process, reliability has also been improved, but the 3008 and 5008 SUVs are markedly different from the competition.

New & Updated

Perhaps the biggest news is that the 3008 now comes with the choice of two hybrid options: Hybrid 225, and Hybrid 300.

The 225 option uses a combination of petrol engine and electric (single) motor to produce 221hp, with an electric-only range of 39 miles, whereas the 300 has dual electric motors to produce 230hp and give full four-wheel drive, with a slight increase in electric range.

As for the rest of the powertrains, there’s three core engines, and a further diesel for the larger 5008 – a 1.2 petrol engine starts the range, this has 129hp, then a 1.5 diesel, followed by a 1.6 litre petrol engine with 178hp. The larger 5008 gets an option for a 2.0 diesel with 178hp also.

As for design changes, they’re subtle, but worth it; things like the frameless front grille, blacked out air intakes, LED headlights, and the now signature ‘three-claw’ tail lights (with sequential indicators) round out the changes.

Peugeot SUV Equipment

Peugeot have gone to great lengths to make their models competitive, and as such, even the entry level 3008 has dual-zone climate control, keyless start, front and rear parking sensors, Safety Pack, Visibility Pack, the latest generation i-Cockpit digital instrument cluster and a new 10” touchscreen infotainment system.

Step up a level or two, and there’s options for aluminium roof-rails, adaptive cruise-control, leather/alcantara trim, hands-free tailgate, 360-degree manoeuvring camera, and heated front seats with a massage function – you won’t be left wanting for equipment.

Choosing the top of the range 3/5008 sees you traveling in style, both in terms of exterior looks, and equipment fitted, and thanks to their pricing strategy, for quite a bit less than some of the competition.

From Strength to Strength

Peugeot dropped the “The lion goes from strength to strength” marketing tagline some time ago, but the reality is that there’s never been a more apt strapline for them – the modern-day Peugeot is better than ever, and looks to be getting better with each new model released.

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