Peugeot e-expert

Expert Electrickery


As motorists, we’re getting further used to the idea that our city centres are becoming no-go zones unless we want to pay for the privilege, and with increasingly strict pollution legislation, and low-emission zones becoming the norm, accessing a number of city centres is difficult.

Now imagine that you’re driving a commercial vehicle, making deliveries within that ULEZ (Ultra Low-Emission Zone). What choices do you have?

Until quite recently, very few.

e-Expert from Peugeot

In the early days of electric vehicles, there was always a compromise to be had; you had to be committed to going green if you wanted to take that choice. Of course, electric cars are becoming a real and viable alternative to fossil fuel, but commercial vehicles did seem to be slightly behind the curve, that was at least until Peugeot took it upon themselves to change that.

Peugeot have taken the popular Expert commercial vehicle, and electrified it, without compromise: same interior load space capacity, same maximum towing weight, same exterior styling, in fact, the only visual differences between the e-Expert and the Expert are a charging port on the front wing, blue-tinted badging, and a unique grille.

OK, it doesn’t quite have the range of the fossil-fuelled Expert without a top-up, but research shows that nearly 80% of commercial vehicle drivers travel less than 124 miles each day (on average), and the e-Expert can extend its range to around 211 miles. But even if you need that top-up, it’s possible to recharge 80% in around 30 minutes.

e-Expert Details & Specifications

As we mentioned, the e-Expert has been designed so that compromises aren’t necessary when choosing between full-electric power or fossil-fuel. It can carry a payload of up to 1,275Kg, with an interior capacity of up to 6.6m3, and has a max towing capacity of 1,000Kg.

There are three different lengths, and you can even have a choice of battery – 50kWh (with a range of around 143 miles), or 75kWh, which maxes that range out to just over 200 miles. Along with a choice of battery, you can also choose between two different on-board chargers – a 7.4kW single-phase charger, or the optional 11kW three-phase charger.


Given the great value pricing, you might think that Peugeot have pared back the equipment that’s fitted as standard, but the three trim levels are well equipped, with even the entry level ‘S’ having Bluetooth, DAB Radio, cruise control, deadlocking and a full, steel bulkhead.

Need something a little extra? How about 3D navigation, voice recognition, head-up display, lane-departure warning, speed-limit recognition, and a 180-degree rear parking camera? The ‘Asphalt’ trim level has all of this (and more) fitted as standard.

Need to Know More?

Being told that the e-Expert from Peugeot will do everything you want it to, and still come back for more, is one thing, but the best way to understand the e-Expert is to come and see for yourself just what lengths Peugeot have gone to, to make this commercial vehicle a commercial success.

To step out of the ordinary, into an Expert, contact one of our friendly professionals to find out just what the e-Expert can offer you, what grants and incentives are available, and how it will transform your daily commercial vehicle experience.