The All New 508 Fastback.

“The lion goes from strength to strength”

If you recognise the phrase, there’s a chance that you’ll know that Peugeot were once known for their motorsport prowess, finely tuned cars and cornering abilities that resembled something akin to a roller skate, but at some point in the nineties, focus shifted from fun to frugal, and the engineers started paying more attention to the accountants … the essence of Peugeot had been diluted.

They’ve made great strides over the last decade or so, improving reliability, offering more for your money and building cars that haven’t always received the recognition they deserve; Peugeot were always the smart buyer’s choice.

The last few years in particular have seen Peugeot return to their best, and with concepts such as the e-LEGEND coming from the design studio, you can clearly see why. 

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Fastback is back

When Peugeot launched the 508 in 2010, it did so to critical acclaim, it went on to win such awards as the ‘Car of the Year 2011’, ‘Best Large Family Car 2011’ and also the ‘Best Imported Family Car 2011’ for markets in Germany. It must be said though, it didn’t win any awards for its beauty.

And that’s where the story of the new 508 Fastback begins … already been voted as the ‘Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2018’ and winner of the carwow ‘Style Award’ 2018, the new 508 Fastback has added style & flair to the credibility of the original 508.

This next generation 508 hasn’t just been dressed in fancy bodywork though. Peugeot have turned the clock back to a time where the engineers are as important as the accountants, where engineering justification outweighs financial implication, and where the finished product really does outperform the sum of its parts. Welcome to the NEW Peugeot 508 Fastback.

The sum of the parts

The Fastback has been built on the new EMP2 platform, which is common to the 508, 3008 and 5008 currently. This has allowed the 508 to lose 80mm from the length and 51mm from the height, yet still remain relatively comfortable for a family. Of course we aren’t going to tell you that you can fit a junior five-a-side team in the back (5008 anyone?), but that’s not the purpose of the 508.

The EMP2 platform also means that typically, the car is 70kg lighter than its predecessor, which of course helps with emissions, fuel economy and ride quality – it’s a win-win. Win.

And talking of emissions and economy, there are five choices for power, with the sixth (full hybrid) coming later this year; two petrol engines – both at 1.6 litre (179 bhp & 221 bhp) and three diesel engines – 1.5 litre 131 bhp or 2.0 litre with 161 bhp or 174 bhp. An 8-speed automatic transmission takes care of the drivetrain on all but the 1.5 litre diesel (which has a 6-speed manual gearbox, with an option for the 8-speed auto), and the Peugeot automatic transmissions have always been a thing a silky-smooth beauty.

Forget the mechanical bits for a moment though, because the equipment list is where it’s at; reversing sensors, lane-keeping assistance, auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection and driver attention monitor all come as standard, as does the 12.3” digital instrument display and the 8” central touchscreen (although some models have a 10” screen). Yet despite the technology, there is nothing there that won’t seem familiar or out of place – the technology is an aid, not a hindrance.

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We’d be the first to admit that past Peugeot’s had a certain reputation, appealed to a specific buyer, or were overlooked in favour of the more ‘dressed up’ European counterparts, but today, Peugeot are looking to their long-past heritage for styling cues and inspiration and the Peugeot you see today, is the Peugeot of the now, of the future.

If you’d like to find out more about the 508 Fastback, or indeed, any of the new Peugeot range, why not contact one of our friendly professionals, they’re always happy to discuss the merits of the all new Peugeot … think of it as a new brand, rather than a new model. That’s how good they are.

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