5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Peugeot


Back in the eighties, Peugeot came up with the genius strapline “The Lion goes from strength to strength”, and it really did seem as though they meant it; the cars they produced were fun, reliable and sought after.

Perhaps we shouldn’t say this, but after going from strength to strength, there was a period that they went from budget to budget, things got a bit lean in the glory department, and they became joyless transport, rather than pure driving fun. It’s OK, we can tell you that because even Peugeot themselves acknowledge it.

That’s not something you expected to read here, is it?

The truth is, it wasn’t just Peugeot, it seems like many of the great manufacturers suffered a similar fate; Jaguar, Ford, BMW (amongst others) … all guilty of ‘maximising profit’ rather than customer experience, and while two of those brands rediscovered the joy of motoring, you’d have to say that it’s Peugeot that’s bounced back highest.

Joie de Vivre

To be clear, that isn’t to say that they were poor cars, just that they didn’t have the joie de vivre (as Peugeot might say): the zest for life, soul, joyfulness of their previous offerings. Today though, things are different.

Come and see any of the new Peugeots up close, and you’ll notice that the Gallic flair is back, along with quality finishes, excellent build quality, and a customer experience that’s envied by other brands.

01. Style

Top of the list has to be style. Take a fresh look at the new Peugeot range, and there’s not one model that disappoints; whether it’s an SUV, saloon or supermini, Peugeot have the market covered, with designs that can’t fail to capture the attention, and not in a bad way either.

02. Reliability

Every year, J.D. Power carry out a reliability survey of all the major car brands, it’s recognised throughout the industry as the survey to take note of. In 2019, the most reliable brand in the survey was … (you’ve guessed it) … Peugeot. Actually ranking 54% more reliable than the industry standard.

03. Financial

Interestingly, three of the bottom six for reliability were ‘luxury’ German brands, proving that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean reliable. Peugeot have found the balance between offering great value for money, reliability, standard equipment and customer satisfaction.

Look further up the range, and the equipment levels rival pretty much most of the other European manufacturers, regardless of which part of Europe they’re from.

04. Driving

It’s too easy to drop ‘sporty’, ‘dynamic’, or ‘agile’ under the heading of ‘Driving’, so putting the clichés aside for a moment (but let’s not forget that clichés are used because there’s truth in them), Peugeot were once renowned for the ability to make even the most luxurious vehicle feel sure-footed, comfortable and solid.

The modern-day Peugeot has retained this quality, above all else; they’re sporty without being harsh, firm yet comfortable, pliant without wallowing. The suspension feels like it has been tuned by engineers, rather than supplied to a budget, and you’ll notice that difference every time you drive one.

05. Future

Using the social media hashtag of #UnboringTheFuture, Peugeot have clearly set their sights on changing how we view & use electric vehicles. “Boredom is clearly not part of the PEUGEOT brand's DNA, autonomous does not mean monotonous, and energy transition will not erase 120 years of automotive history.”

If you haven’t yet seen the Peugeot e-Legend, we’d advise you to remove all banking apps, debit cards and cheque books from your presence before you do, because you’ll want it. Now.

Truscotts Peugeot

So we can’t arrange an early preview of the e-Legend (yet), but for anything else Peugeot, we have you covered. Contact one of our professional team today to find out why Truscotts are an award-winning, Peugeot ‘Gold Lion’ dealership, with nearly 600 years of combined Peugeot experience.

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