Which celebrities would be trusted most as a car dealer?


Prime Minister Boris Johnson might have swept the board on election night, but UK car buyers have revealed he would be among their least trusted celebrities if he were a used car dealer.

The CarGurus motoring website surveyed more than 2,000 car owners and buyers to find which public figures and celebrities they would trust the most when buying a used car.

In a vote of no confidence for the re-elected Prime Minister, the 2,000 survey participants voted him a lowly 11th out of 15, even with his fresh mandate to ‘Get Brexit Done’ and a brief history as a car reviewer for the likes of GQ.Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – a keen cyclist who does not own a car – finished 12th, while Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was the least trusted of the politicians listed, in 13th place.

While car buyers put little faith in politicians, they voted Sir David Attenborough as the most trustworthy used car salesperson – even though the 93-year-old broadcaster has never passed his driving test.It seems the royal family would make great salespeople too – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the second-most-trusted celebrities listed, while the Queen was ranked in third.

Celebrities most trusted to be a used car dealer

  1. David Attenborough
  2. Prince William and Kate Middleton
  3. The Queen
  4. David Beckham
  5. Judi Dench
  6. Ed Sheeran
  7. Holly Willoughby
  8. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  9. Adele
  10. Mary Berry
  11. Boris Johnson
  12. Jeremy Corbyn
  13. Nigel Farage
  14. Stormzy
  15. Victoria Beckham

“Whether car-buying advice comes from a celebrity endorsement, a friend, or a helpful member of staff at a car dealership, trust and transparency are hugely important factors in the decision-making process,” Chris Knapman, the Editor of CarGurus, said.

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