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Volvo Cars | Putting People First

Volvo Cars | Putting People First

08 December 2020

As representatives of one of the largest automotive groups in the South West, we get used to talking about all things cars, and in turn, sharing our knowledge with you. This could be anything from a new model release, through to useful information, or even how we can help you through these tough times.

In more recent times, there has been lots of talk about sustainability, the end of the fossil-fuelled car, and greener motoring, all with a view of hitting the government’s target date for zero emission motoring. It would be relatively easy to think that most manufacturers pay lip-service to the guidelines, while doing the bare minimum needed, but that’s generally not the case, and some manufacturers are committing their all to it. Volvo Cars is one such manufacturer.



“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”

Volvo have a reputation: safe, reliable, dependable, innovative. Most public opinion polls put Volvo as the number one brand for safety, or at least in the top two, the Volvo name is almost synonymous with safety. But now there’s more.

Volvo’s next goal is to reach the same level of awareness for their sustainability credentials, as their safety record, and it’s impressive.

Right now, Volvo have introduced over 170 recycled plastic parts, including swapping the carpets and mats (made from 100% recycled fishing nets, reclaimed from the sea), to recycled plastic bottles being used as material for seating, and luggage compartments made from post consumer waste including ketchup, water and even shampoo bottles.

VOLVO 2025

2025 is a big year for Volvo. Their aim is to be 100% climate neutral for their manufacturing facilities in 2025, and have at least 25% recycled plastic being used throughout their range. As part of this commitment, there have been 15,000 solar panels installed at their Ghent factory in Belgium, and that’s on top of the wind power generators that provide around 11% of the power needed for the facility.

In 2016, Volvo installed a heating system that reduced their carbon emissions by 40%, which saves 15,000 tonnes of CO2 each and every year, and since 2008, the electricity supply for all European plants has come from renewable energy sources.

To add further credence to their ‘green’ credential, Volvo Cars are the only car manufacturer invited to the G7 Ocean Partnership Summit, one of the most important environmental summits in the world.


Of course, big visible changes are great PR, but smaller changes tend to go unnoticed, and therefore, unpublicised, but those smaller details can make a huge difference; Volvo remanufacture around 15 percent of all their spare parts, to exactly the same quality standards as the originals. And since remanufacturing uses up to 85% less raw material, and 80% less energy, it’s great news for the environment.

All single use plastics have been removed from their facilities also – offices, canteens, and events no longer use them, and there’s a worldwide commitment to ‘Core Values’: a way of ensuring that they conduct business in an ethical and compliant way. It applies to all employees, as well as consultants and agency personnel working under the direction of Volvo Cars. They also expect all of their business contacts and partners to be governed by the same principles.


Sustainable transport is about more than pure-electric vehicles, and Volvo Cars are well on the way to being one of the most sustainable and responsible manufacturers out there, but better still, their products are world-beating, and some of the safest on the market.

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