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Volkswagen Electric | e-Golf Top of the Pops

Volkswagen Electric | e-Golf Top of the Pops

13 January 2021

As you might imagine, when a giant of the industry puts their collective weight behind a project, it tends to do rather well at it. This is why the Volkswagen e-Golf has recently topped the charts for electric car resale values, depreciating less than any other model or brand, including the one that’s named after the genius Serbian-American electrical engineer.

It’s no surprise that Volkswagen are on their way to offering one of the best products of its type, after all, they’re the brand behind one of the best-selling cars of all time, and it’s the same for a van also, it seems that they have the Midas touch.

Volkswagen Electric Vehicles

However, Volkswagen being Volkswagen, meant that they didn’t just want to offer a slightly revamped offering as their best effort, so with that in mind, they created a new sub-brand of cars, all under the VW umbrella, but called the ‘ID.’ range.

Some of the vehicles in that brand are still at the concept process, some are just to show off their engineering prowess (think of the ID.R– the ultimate electric race car that can out-accelerate a modern F1 car), and some are genuine road-going models that are aimed at taking the top spot of the consumer electric car market.

E-Fun from Volkswagen

There are a number of new Volkswagens available that are electric only, although currently, only two are purebred, ground-up designs, but when you look at what’s potentially in the pipeline, you can see that Volkswagen are looking to have fun with the concept of electric power.

ID Buggy

A modern-day interpretation of the classic VW beach buggy. Cool as a cucumber, practical as a … open-topped beach buggy with no doors or windows.

E Bugster

The updated lovebug, only more sporty, two seats, and dynamic driving.

ID. Vizzion

An all-electric limousine, self-driving with a built-in chauffeur, range of over 400 miles.

ID. Buzz

Thoroughly modern Milly; the VW Microbus rebooted for the next generation.

Electric Models

Aside from the concepts, Volkswagen do have quite a range, consisting of electric and hybrid vehicles, but it’s the ID.3 and ID.4 that represent the future of the Volkswagen line-up.


When designing the ID.3, Volkswagen took the decision to keep a traditional look to the vehicle – there’s nothing radical to denote that it’s the future of vehicles, but at the same time, you can see that it’s different.

VW have also thought about what kind of use the ID.3 might be put to, and the range includes options for battery size – Small, Medium, and Large; it’s pointless in paying for, or even charging, a large capacity battery if your usage is just a short run to the shops and back (for example).

Of course there’s a wealth of technology available with the ID.3, but it’s best to experience it for yourself first-hand, but simply put: imagine one of the world’s best-selling cars (the Volkswagen Golf), but updated, not just for right now, but for the future. That’s the ID.3


The ID.4 is on its way. Essentially, it’s an all-electric SUV that’s been designed from a clean sheet of paper, and encompasses everything that Volkswagen know about building cars that people want, and electric power.

You can guarantee that it will hit the spot.

Volkswagen Information

The ID.3 is available now, the ID.4 is to arrive shortly, and if you’d like to find out more details about either of them, or indeed, any of the Volkswagen electric/hybrid vehicles, then contact one of our knowledgeable professionals – they’ll be more than happy to help you.


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