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Volkswagen Caddy Cargo | Jack of all Trades

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo | Jack of all Trades

13 January 2021

The Volkswagen Caddy Cargo … Jack of all trades, master of most of them.

Commercial vehicles were for so many years, a poor choice. Manufacturers believed that they could get away with offering something that was drafty, noisy, uncomfortable and slow, maybe because they were only being used for commercial reasons, or because there was little choice – need a commercial vehicle, you’ll just have to put up with the inefficiencies.

It was Volkswagen that started to tip the scales toward functionality and form though, possibly helped by the fact that their best-selling van was the platform for a commercial, and recreational vehicle.

Caddy Cargo by Volkswagen

There’s a raft of commercial vehicles available now, that fit all manner of purposes and uses, and they range in size from small to extra-large, but there’s no point in buying something that’s capable of moving a whole house when all you need is something that can move a chair (or deliver a small load, carry some plumbing tools etc etc).

As a smart business owner, you’re looking to maximise your purchase, to make it fit as many areas as possible, without compromising elsewhere, and that’s why the Volkswagen Caddy Cargo works, and works for you.

Cargo Features

The latest range of commercials from Volkswagen have never been more user-friendly, or well thought out – the engineers at VWCV haven’t just gone with the flow, updating minor bits as they become outdated, but rather, designed in more features, design elements, and of course technology.

Simple touches make a huge difference – a separate load compartment locking system means the cab can remain locked while loading, six lashing rings for tying a load down, strengthened floor coverings, separate LED lighting in the load space, and solid steel doors for security (no windows).

You could also look at the 700Kg payload capacity (with 100Kg of that being on the roof), the large nearside sliding door, or even the 230v socket … details that you’ll take for granted, but soon won’t want to be without.

Interior Goodness

It isn’t just about the commercial bit of the van though – the interior cabin space has also benefitted from well thought-out design; much emphasis has been placed on ease of access, giving you a workspace that’s more than a driving seat (or as an option, an ergoComfort driving seat).

And if you think that the Caddy Cargo is lacking in driver aids, you need to take a look at the brochures, or better still, contact one of our professionals.

From Front Assist, which helps to keep a steady gap between you and the vehicle in front, to City Emergency Braking which helps with the braking if a potential collision is detected, and then there’s Driver Alert which can warn you when you’re in need of a break from driving, and then of course there’s Lane Assist, and even an option for Trailer Assist, which makes manoeuvring with a trailer attached so much easier.

If you’d like to find out more information about the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, or the Caddy Cargo in particular, then get in touch with our friendly team, and they’ll be more than happy to give you the full lowdown.


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