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The Peugeot (Re)Brand

The Peugeot (Re)Brand

15 April 2021

Peugeot are one of the world’s oldest surviving car brands, having been in business for 210 years in one form or another. As with any car manufacturer, there have been golden times, and lean periods, both in terms of business productivity and physical product design/offering.

Just recently, Peugeot announced a rebranding for their logo. They tell us that it’s “more streamlined, more qualitive and more elegant”, that it follows their “upmarket” growth, and that it’s “timeless, universal and a multicultural form of identity”.

The Lion Goes

Undoubtedly their marketing people have a point; the brand is on the up, and they’re looking to the future, to perhaps another 210 years of personal transportation, but we think their marketing department is missing the point.

Being a Peugeot dealership, we’re never going to tell you that one of Peugeot’s ‘leaner periods’ was more recent than anyone would like to admit to, but we think that it would be fair to say that the Peugeot brand wasn’t what it is now.

The current crop of products is faultless; they look incredible, have a reliability level that is enviable, and have that French-flair that you just can’t help loving.

Add a healthy dose of performance and dynamic handling, and you can see that Peugeot are better than ever, and that really is saying something.

With an entirely rebranded line-up, they needed a new identity.

The New Peugeot Logo

Since 1850, there have been just ten logos associated with the brand, the latest design is the eleventh, and it harks back to a logo used in the 1960s – a stylised lion’s head with the Peugeot name, almost as a stripped back Coat of Arms.

It’s simple, but very effective.

The first Peugeot car that will get the new logo is the 308, with the rest following shortly after. The rebrand is significant – it shows that Peugeot have recognised that their new line-up is on a different level to the previous years, and from this point onwards, it’s a new generation.

Simply put, the Peugeot of today is a new Peugeot, unlike anything that has gone before. It isn’t just about a new model line-up, it’s a whole new ethos, and we can’t wait.


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