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08 December 2020

If you had to guess how long Peugeot have been around for (in one form or another), what would you think? 110 years? 130? 150?

The family business that went on to become Peugeot (as we know it) was first founded in 1810 – they’re one of the oldest manufacturers around, and despite having the odd ‘wobble’ in that period, we think they’re currently at their very best.

There is no single ugly duckling in the current line-up, and despite being known for their superminis, it’s the larger models that are mopping up the adulation (with that said, the 208 is perhaps one of the finest looking cars they’ve done for a long time). We genuinely love the style of the latest cars, and that’s not just marketing (they most definitely had some misses in the past!).


There’s no doubting that full-electric and hybrid vehicles are the way forward – AFV (Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle) registrations jumped a whopping 72% between January 2019, and January 2020, making them one of the hottest categories of vehicles, and very much the future of motoring.

However, in the early days, being ‘alternative’ really did mean alternative; the cars looked radically different (and not necessarily in a good way), compromises were made with practicality, and you really had to be a believer to make the switch. Today, the world is a different place.

Every manufacturer offers something, either in the form of a full electric vehicle (BEV), or a hybrid, and they’re becoming commonplace. As with all technology that starts becoming adopted widely, the styling becomes more normalised, technology improves, and the whole experience becomes one of pleasure, rather than ‘making a statement’.


Peugeot offer three plug-in hybrids – the 3008 SUV, and the beautiful 508, in both saloon and ‘SW’ versions (Station Wagon).

The hybrid powertrain improves overall fuel economy, saving around 40% over the traditionally fuelled version, which means that average consumption can be up to 235mpg (that’s no typo either) under the newer WLTP guidelines.

You also get four different driving modes – electric, hybrid, sport, and comfort.
This is the “default” mode for PEUGEOT plug-in HYBRID cars. Benefit from ELECTRIC mode to drive using full electric power. Enjoy all the advantages of an electric car, such as quiet driving, and environmentally friendly operation with no CO2 emissions.


The HYBRID mode allows you to drive in either electric mode or petrol mode based on the driving style you adopt and the type of road you take. By choosing this driving mode, you allow the vehicle maximum freedom to select which driving mode is used. Use this driving mode to enjoy the advantages of both the electric and petrol engines, such as optimising electric power use.


Take full advantage of the engine torque provided by plug-in HYBRID cars. SPORT mode allows you to combine the power of both engines to get the most out of your plug-in HYBRID car. The PEUGEOT 3008 SUV HYBRID4 can reach a maximum combined power of 300 hp.


This mode pairs the HYBRID mode with the active suspension for increased comfort.
The active suspension provides a better grip on the road for excellent traction, all while continuing to provide optimal comfort.


Whether you’re looking for a hybrid SUV, or something more sporty, Peugeot PHEVs have you covered. Contact our team of friendly professionals to find out more details about the Peugeot models, and what we’re doing to try and help keep everyone safe when they visit us.


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